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Signs of problem drinking over Christmas

The Christmas season is often a time when people overindulge and consume more alcohol than they normally do.

If you are spending Christmas with someone and are worried about how much they have been drinking lately, we have outlined three different categories of drinking for you to be aware of, all of which can be incredibly destructive.

Problem drinking

A person who is not an alcoholic, but whose use of alcohol creates psychological and social problems for themselves and others.

Binge drinking 

A person who drinks frequently or large amounts in one go. 

People who drink heavily are more at risk of developing an addiction to alcohol. With higher tolerance levels, they often find that they need to drink more to achieve their desired effects, which can lead to physical dependency overtime.

If you would like to find out more about the effects of binge drinking and how to help a person move beyond this problematic use of alcoholic, you can read our blog on how to stop binge drinking.


A person who prioritises alcohol and is powerless to stop drinking. They are increasingly dependent on alcohol and experience escalating problems from this addiction.

They are also likely to have a physical addiction, where they experience withdrawal symptoms when the amount of alcohol they have in their system dips.

For most alcoholic drinkers, willpower alone is not enough to help them stop. While some believe that they could recover without help, many come to understand that they need professional support. With access to the right treatment, it can be possible for them to stop drinking and start their recovery.

Accessing treatment for problematic drinking

At Priory, we are able to provide people who are problematic drinkers with an alcohol detoxification process as well as residential treatmentday care programmes and outpatient treatment.

When determining the right form of treatment for a person, our team will carry out an initial assessment. That way, we can make sure that the person receives a treatment plan that will be most effective for them.

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