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Spotting the difference - fussy eater or eating disorder?

Eating Disorder Awareness Week hopes to raise understanding of the various eating disorders, whilst challenging the stereotypes often associated with these illnesses.

The eating disorder charity, BEAT, who lead on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, highlight the reality that  conditions as complex as eating disorders mean that there are variations in the typical signs, and not all symptoms will apply to everyone.

The source of an eating disorder can vary, from a broken down relationship to a loss of control in other aspects of life. It is often the case that an eating disorder, like food addiction, is actually a coping strategy for an underlying issue. The long-term effects of these illnesses can have an extremely negative impact on health and relationships.

A common dilemma faced by family and friends, is identifying the difference between being fussy with food and having an eating disorder. As part of Priory’s support for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Dr Adrienne Key, Lead Clinician for Eating Disorders at Priory Hospital Roehampton looks to address this issue and highlight the key behaviours and signs associated with eating disorders that GPs should look for in the following video:

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