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How to help someone with bulimia

If someone close to you is struggling with bulimia, there are things that you can do to be a great source of support. Re…

OCD and intrusive thoughts

For someone with OCD, their intrusive thoughts can cause extreme worry. Find out why they happen and what can be done to…

Relaxation techniques for anxiety

Techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation and progressive muscle relaxation can help to relax both your body and…

Can't stop gambling? Advice and support

It may feel like you can't stop gambling at the minute. Find out the steps that you can take to help you beat your addic…

Living with depression and anxiety

If you are living with the co-existing disorders, read the advice and support available for people with depression and a…

Understanding menopause & depression

Information on the link between menopause and depression, and the support that is available for anyone who is struggling…

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