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How Priory can help your business

The impact of mental health problems in the workplace continues to rise, and businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure that employees are supported and engaged in their mental health, which of course, benefits both the business and their workforce.

Priory can support organisations and their employees in increasing employee engagement and awareness of mental health challenges, along with providing support for those who need it, regardless of the mental health condition or its severity.  

We offer a complete treatment journey for those requiring support, whether it be face-to-face therapy, telephone counselling or digital wellbeing.

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Priory Locations Across the UK

Priory offers expert treatment for mental health and addictions through a network of hospitals across the UK. Our locations include hospitals in Hayes Grove and Roehampton in London, Woodbourne in Birmingham and Altrincham near Manchester, meaning you can receive treatment in a location that’s convenient for you.

Whether you're looking for mental health or addiction treatment, you can find a Priory location convenient for you. We offer self-pay options and accept all major private medical insurers.

Priory teams up with Sky Sports: how you can get mental health and addictions support

Priory has teamed up with Sky Sports to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 with a powerful film about battling me…

Depression Vs Sadness Thumbnail
Depression vs sadness

Sadness and depression share some similarities but are fundamentally different. Here, we discuss the two.

Parental mental health
Parental mental health

There’s no shame in admitting you need help and support if you're balancing mental health and parenting.

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