Workplace mental health solutions

At Priory, we understand that mental health issues encountered within the workplace can have a detrimental effect on both employees and organisations. That’s why we are committed to offering bespoke and flexible mental health support for all of your workplace needs, via our corporate offering.

Stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions are amongst the biggest drivers of workplace absence, significantly impacting both companies and their employees. Across the UK, 18.5 million working days are lost each year due to mental health problems, with poor mental health costing UK employers up to £56 billion a year.

"We have worked with Priory to provide mental health care for our members. Throughout this time, the Priory team have always been helpful and responsive and we have developed a close working relationship with them. Needs are assessed swiftly and the care delivered is effective. The outcome data clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment with nearly all patients making good progress and recovery as measured by clinically recognised scales. The account management team respond quickly to queries, we have regular contact to ensure smooth delivery and coordination of services and they are keen to shape services and MI data to meet our requirements".

- Sally Campbell, Head of Clinical Development - Healix Health Services Ltd (Healix are an expert clinical claims and healthcare trust administrator)

In helping to drive the conversation and providing support when it is required, companies can help to reduce the impact on their business, whilst helping employees to get back on track as quickly as possible.

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Private mental health support for your business

Priory mental health and addictions services support over 10,000 people each year, through inpatient, day care and outpatient treatment.

Our proven track record in helping people live their lives is unrivalled. Each individual in our care receives an expert assessment to establish the best treatment for them. This is based on the experience of our clinicians, the proven effectiveness of our treatment models and the individual’s preferences.

Our expert team includes highly accredited consultants and therapists in the field of mental health, who consistently deliver the excellent results that Priory has become known for.

We have extensive experience in providing therapy across many industries including transport, sport, finance and the security forces and have provided trauma and counselling services to a number of clients following critical incidents.

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