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Care pathway for corporate support

Priory has a dedicated corporate team which specialises in managing the end-to-end referral journey for each employee, offering a highly personalised and professional service. The team will work with a business to design a bespoke referral pathway that is most suited to their specific requirements. 

A tailored, end-to-end patient journey

Our care pathways are fully flexible, enabling support programmes to meet your company’s specific needs. Therapy can be provided throughout the various stages of a patient’s journey, as well as step-up or step-down services, should they be required.

Priory services work closely with your company including HR, private medical insurers (PMI), occupational health (OH), employee assistance programme (EAP) providers and relevant external partners.

In addition to face-to-face therapy and telephone assessments, Priory is able to offer 24/7 telephone counselling through Care first, the EAP provider which is part of Priory Group.

A single point of access

Priory is able to offer the entire treatment journey to those requiring support through a single point of contact, ensuring that an effective pathway is provided to meet each individual's specific circumstances.

Our team will support every patient and personally manage their referral, supporting the assessment process and ensuring the appropriate care pathway is developed and followed throughout their treatment:


Patient contact and consent


Treatment authorisation





We recognise how important it is to be able to understand and demonstrate the value, uptake and effectiveness of providing mental health support to a workforce, using information to further develop your mental health strategy.

Priory works with corporate clients to create bespoke management information reporting that is tailored to include data that is relevant to your business. These reports include information such as referral levels, reasons for referral, average number of sessions, location breakdown and outcomes. We can also assist with ‘back to work’ data.

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