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Priory has a nationwide network of services, each providing access to quality mental health support from highly qualified specialists.

  • Access to our consultant psychiatrists for assessment and signposting
  • Priory wellbeing centre network for effective and convenient access to therapy, in face-to-face and digital settings
  • Day patient and outpatient therapy – both individual face-to-face, online and group sessions
  • Inpatient facilities to access intensive general psychiatry and our addiction treatment programme
  • Free addiction assessment and free aftercare programme

All of our facilities meet stringent regulatory guidelines and are accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

A tailored, end-to-end patient journey

Our care pathways are fully flexible, enabling support programmes to meet your organisation's specific needs. Therapy can be provided throughout the various stages of a patient’s journey, as well as step-up or step-down services, should they be required.

Priory works closely with your company, including HR, private medical insurers, occupational health (OH), employee assistance programme (EAP) providers and relevant external partners.

In addition to face-to-face therapy and telephone assessments, Priory is able to offer 24/7 telephone counselling through Care first, the EAP provider which is part of Priory.

A flexible care pathway

Priory’s flexible care pathways allow for a seamless transition between services when required. This may include standard therapy patients who find they need more intensive therapy or a hospital admission, and also a step down pathway for people who have been inpatients and are ready to move to day patient or outpatient care.

Mental health screening

Priory offers a psychological screening service to support employees who have been unable to reach a diagnosis for a physical condition, such as musculoskeletal issues, that may be linked to stress, anxiety or depression.

Over half of the people accessing general outpatient services have medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), which leads to a 30% increase in hospital admission and inpatient care. MUS account for approximately 10% of total NHS expenditure on services for the working age population, directly impacting employers through absenteeism, employee productivity and morale.

In the event that a person's physical condition cannot be diagnosed, introducing a screening service to assess emotional and psychological issues would enable unnecessary costs to be saved. People could receive immediate access to specialist mental health treatment before their condition escalates.

  • MUS account for up to 20% of GP consultations
  • They are associated with up to 50% additional outpatient costs and a 30% increase in hospital admissions
  • The annual healthcare costs for MUS exceeds £3.1 billion
  • Up to 30% of people assessed have an associated psychiatric disorder

Priory screening is available across our outpatient service network, and can be integrated into your HR policies.

Crisis care and support

Each year, many people reach the point of mental health crisis. This can take a number of forms, including breakdown, self-harm or thinking about suicide. It goes without saying that this is a hugely distressing time for the person and their loved ones.

Should this impact any of your employees, Priory can provide the best possible support and care. If an admission to one of our hospitals is required, Priory offers immediate admission, under the care of leading consultant psychiatrists. Our team will deliver expert treatment in a dedicated and therapeutic environment.

Alongside inpatient treatment, Priory also offers a range of intensive day care programmes for people who are well enough to stay at home, but who need ongoing medical and/or therapeutic support on a daily basis.

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