There are a wide range of motivating factors that may lead consultant psychiatrists to move into private practice, whether that is in a full time capacity, alongside existing NHS work, or expanding your current private practice. These motivations will also differ depending on the stage of your career.

Pension considerations

Combining existing NHS work with private practice enables you to manage your income to best suit your pension arrangements and future plans. Current NHS pension regulations can lead to a complex and detrimental tax status, so working with Priory on a private basis provides you with the flexibility to plan your pension contributions to best effect.

Other benefits for consideration include:

  • A work-life balance that’s right for you - Those in private practice have complete control over their workload, and can take on private work to suit them - whether it is to work around concurrent NHS patients, or to fit around other commitments.
  • A financial package to meet your needs - Private practice can provide additional revenue to your NHS work, or become your primary source of income. The flexibility available to private consultants enables you to take on work to meet your individual needs.
  • Building your professional reputation - Priory works with the UK’s leading specialists and those working within private practice are deemed to be experts within their field, with a positive reputation amongst patients, peers and referrers.
  • Progressing your career - Working within private practice enables you to focus upon areas of expertise, along with providing the opportunity to develop skills within specific areas of interest.
  • Supporting those in need - Just as with NHS patients, Priory helps people across a wide range of backgrounds to quickly access the support they need to improve their lives. Consultants working in private practice provide hope to those in need, whether they are in crisis and need guidance into inpatient treatment, or require ongoing one-to-one consultations.
Dr Hayley Van Zwanenberg, Consultant Psychiatrist

"I feel Priory is a safe place to practise; their standards are high and match the quality service I wish to provide. I love the flexibility that being a visiting consultant gives me; I work how much or little as I like, I take holidays as and when I want around my family and I choose when my day starts and finishes".

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