Providing patient access to the UK’s leading specialists

Priory Healthcare is home to a diverse team of experts, many of whom are leading experts in their field. Our distinguished specialists are committed to providing the best care to each person who seeks support with us, and pride themselves on placing patients at the heart of their treatment journey.

This approach ensures that patients are allocated to the best expert for their needs and benefit from a truly bespoke treatment programme that produces the most positive outcomes for them as individuals.

We also ensure that our specialists engage in continuous professional development in order to guarantee that their practice is guided by the very latest research and adheres to robust National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, and other relevant standards.

Delivering digital support to clients

Priory Connect

Priory Connect is our market-leading online therapy service, providing access to highly qualified & licensed mental health specialists. This offers clients choice of how they would like their therapy to be delivered, whether face-to-face or in the comfort of their own home. Please click here for more details about Priory Connect.

My Possible Self

Combining the technical know-how of the My Possible Self team, and the expertise of Priory Healthcare, the 'My Possible Self' mental health app offers a wide range of interactive tools and techniques which have been carefully created and customised for digital use. Please click here for more details about My Possible Self.

All Priory clients receive free premium access to the app.

Dr Samir Shah, Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist

"When you start with Priory you get support to set up and build up your practice. You can access excellent therapists and fantastic peer group support, enabling you to give better quality care to your patients".

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