Ann Sidwell

Senior Therapist


Ann Sidwell is a senior therapist at Priory Hospital Chelmsford. Ann has worked at the priory for sixteen and a half years, up to her retirement on 12th April. Ann now continues with the Priory, working with patients in an outpatient capacity. Ann is a member of the BACP since first joining the Priory in 2003.

Ann works using an integrative model with some person centred basis and CBT perspectives but primarily using the Transactional Analysis principles. This helps the patient to look at family belief patterns and how they have learned to follow these patterns helpful and unhelpful both conscious and unconscious.

Ann shows the patient the importance of good communication which helps the patient to understand their needs and how to put these forward. Ann explains the Parent, Adult, Child principles of TA which shows which of these ego states a person can be in without awareness. This knowledge can help the patient to decide if they are in the right ego state for what they need at the time of various ongoing relationships and situations.

To help with this, Ann looks with the patient at their genogram which they with Ann’s guidance draw of their own family from grandparents down, also often the effect of the drawing the genogram can in itself be enlightening. The aim is to help the patient understand themselves, the family patterns they grew up in, what they are following both helpful and unhelpful.


  • Certificate in developmental psychology
  • Diploma in integrative therapy model
  • BSC integrative therapy