Derinella Diamond



Derinella has been delivering remote cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) within Priory from November 2021, initially with Priory Wellbeing Centre Manchester, then, also joining the team at Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street London in 2022. Prior to this, she has worked within the IAPT service in Coventry, several GP surgeries in Northern Ireland and with a variety of community groups, delivering CBT to those suffering from post-traumatic stress symptoms as a result of the conflict and troubles in Northern Ireland.

She also manages her own private psychotherapy practice and delivers wellbeing and self-esteem seminars. Derinella also works as an academic mental health tutor and support provider within Queens University Belfast where she continues to support students struggling with a variety of mental health difficulties. She has worked with clients on the Self Harm Intervention Program and delivered suicide prevention talks throughout the country.


Derinella is a graduate of Queens University Belfast, after completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014 she began her Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Belfast Cognitive Therapy Centre, graduating in 2017.


  • Bachelor of Science degree (BSc Hons) in Psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I am very passionate about helping people manage and improve their wellbeing and difficulties experienced within their lives. I take a very person-centred approach, taking much care in building the therapeutic alliance with every client. I have experience in working with a variety of mental health difficulties, including low mood, anxiety disorders and self-esteem issues. I aim to create a warm, empathic, and non-judgemental space for clients to feel safe to explore their difficulties. I continually engage in further professional development to keep up to date with new approaches and interventions and aim to deliver the highest quality evidence-based treatment to my clients. My approach is one of unconditional positive regard for each individual, marrying both compassion and professionalism in every session.