Dr Em Perera

Chartered Clinical Psychologist


Dr Em Perera is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, qualified since 2006. She has been based at Priory Hospital Ticehurst outpatient services since March 2017.

Dr Perera is HCPC, BPS and ACBS registered.


  • ACT specialism training for radical change, Contextual Consulting (CC) 2019, London
  • Supervisor training 2018, SDS, London
  • ACT specialism training working in the workplace, 2017, CU London
  • ACT specialism training working with families 2017, ACBS Seville
  • ACT specialism training working intensively, 2016, CC London,
  • ACT specialism training working with cancer, 2016 UCL London
  • ACT specialism training working with adolescents 2015 CC Glasgow
  • ACT specialism training working trans-diagnostically, 2014 CC London
  • Mental health leadership, 2012, KF, Ibadan
  • Global Mental Health, 2009, CGMH, Athens

Research interests

  • Delivery of ACT training courses in community settings
  • Working systemically with young people in post-conflict environments
  • The therapeutic role of foster carers
  • Role of early childhood attachment and beliefs about self-efficacy


  • English
  • Basic Spanish
  • Singhalese


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Therapist
  • BPS Registered Therapy Supervisor
  • Chartered Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych, CPsychol)
  • Development Studies Masters (Msc)
  • Neurophysiology Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Psychology, post-graduate diploma, (PGDip)
  • Systemic Therapy post-graduate diploma, (PGDip)

I work with adults, young people, couples and families who are experiencing distress. This could be distress arising from past experiences, recent events or stuck patterns of behaviour that keep you or your family from progressing. As a chartered clinical psychologist I am skilled and qualified to adapt evidence-based psychological therapy to suit your particular circumstances. As well as the UK, I have worked overseas in Africa and Asia for the UN and charities working on mental health, and bring this diverse experience and cultural knowledge to my work. I aim to work along side you to help you understand yourself better, the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve your best interests and introduce skills to help you to change these behaviours to have a more fulfilling life.