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Dr Leanne Hayward
Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist (General and Perinatal Specialist)
Leanne Hayward Bristol 360X246

Dr Leanne Hayward is a Consultant Psychiatrist with a Certificate of Completion of training in General Adult Psychiatry and specialist training in Liaison and Perinatal Psychiatry. She joined the Priory as a Visiting Consultant in January 2020.

Dr Hayward has worked in the NHS since qualification in 2001. She was appointed to her first NHS Consultant post in 2014 as a Liaison Psychiatrist at Great Western Hospital, Swindon, where she led the provision of psychiatric care for patients of Working Age and Older Adults in the Acute General Hospital. Within 2 years of appointment, she was appointed Acting Medical Lead for Swindon before being appointed to a new specialist role in Bristol.

In 2016 she was appointed Perinatal Clinical Lead for AWP and led the design, launch, delivery and expansion of a new NHS-England funded Specialist Community Perinatal Mental Health service serving  Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. In 2017, Dr Hayward was appointed Clinical Lead of the NHS-England South West Perinatal Clinical Network.

Dr Hayward has significant experience providing General Psychiatric care to adults of all ages, and specialist mental health diagnosis and management for women and their families before, during and after pregnancy. She has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist on Inpatient and Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and with a Community Crisis team. She has experience and training in the care of Addiction, Eating disorders, Dementia, and the Management of Mental illness associated with Long-Term health Conditions, incl. Diabetes. Dr Hayward also has a particular interest in Workplace Mental health and Public Education.

To complement her significant clinical expertise, Dr Hayward has additional training as an ILM-7 Executive Coach enabling her to support wider organisational and individual development. She has broadcasting experience , writing for the lay press, giving radio interviews, and appearing as Resident Medical Expert for BBC Television. She has served as RCPsych Public Engagement Officer for the South West region promoting mental health education and awareness. She has published in National and International Medical journals, and has been an invited speaker at National and International meetings.

Dr Hayward provides outpatient clinics at Priory Bristol Wellbeing Centre, Aztec West, and will offer inpatient care on Holbrook Ward at The Priory Hospital, Bristol. She has good links to highly qualified therapists at The Priory Wellbeing Centre and Hospital in Bristol, so can organise access to suitable therapeutic interventions as required.


Dr Hayward undertook her initial undergraduate medical training at Leicester Medical School. She completed an intercalated BSc Hons research degree in 1998 , graduating with her MBChB Medical Degree in 2001. After working in a number of medical specialties including Psychiatry, Palliative care and Public Health in the Midlands, Dr Hayward undertook her formal post-graduate Psychiatry training in Bristol and achieved membership of RCPsych in 2010.

In 2014 she completed an MSc in Medical Leadership at Warwick Business School, after which she trained as an ILM-7 Institute of Leadership and Management Executive Coach.

Research interests

Dr Hayward has undertaken research in the field of Diabetes & Endocrinology and Medical

Leadership and has supported recruitment of patients for research in Perinatal Mental Health for the Bipolar Disorder Research Network. She was a Lead Chapter author for a Joint Diabetes and Mental Health initiative, publishing National Guidelines which included the Management of Eating Disorders and Diabetes in Mental Health settings.

Clinical articles and research papers

  • JBDS-IP/RCPSYCH – K ISMAIL & H PRICE, LM Hayward – Chapter Lead Author The Management of diabetes in adults and children with psychiatric disorders in Inpatient settings. First Edition. May 2017
  • LM HAYWARD “Bridging the Gap – An Innovative Joint Education Initiative for GPs and Psychiatrists” BMJCareers 2014: 348 (7947):6
  • LM HAYWARD “How applicable is lean in Mental Health? A critical appraisal” The International Journal of Clinical Leadership 2012: 17 (3):165-72
  • LM HAYWARD, M BRISCOE “Coming Off Antidepressants” Patient information leaflets, Public Education Editorial Board, RCPsych Online
  • LM HAYWARD “Being a Psychiatrist in the Media” Registrar: The PTC Newsletter, Dec 2011, RCPsych London
  • LM HAYWARD – Resident Medical Columnist, Sweet Magazine 2008-1010 “Dealing with unhelpful emotions” - Sweet; Issue 14, April 2010; 72-73
  • “The psychological side of sexual problems” - Sweet; Issue 13, Feb/Mar 2010; 56-57
  • “Make 2010 the year you take control” - Sweet; Issue 12, Jan 2010; 70-71
  • “Celebrating 25 years of diabetes”- Sweet; Issue 11, Dec 2009; 72-73
  • “Emotional implications of diabetes” - Sweet; Issue 10, Oct/Nov 2009; 12-13
  • “Living with diabetes; Optimist or pessimist?”- Sweet; Issue 9, Aug/Sept 2009; 70-71
  • “When being in control spins out of control” - Sweet; Issue 8, July 2009; 68 -70
  • “Planning a perfect pregnancy” - Sweet; Issue 7, May/Jun 2009; 78 -80
  • “Need a Lift?” - Sweet; Issue 6, Mar/Apr 2009; 66 -67
  • “Stand up, stand out” - Sweet; Issue 5, Jan/Feb 2009; 68 -69
  • “Facing your Feelings” - Sweet, Nov/Dec 2008; 78 - 79
  • “We all have the right not to feel different” - Sweet, Oct/Nov 2008; 80 – 81
  • LM HAYWARD et al "What is the prevalence of visual impairment in the general and diabetic populations: are there ethnic and gender differences?" - Diabetic Medicine 2002; 19:1: 27-34

I am a highly skilled Consultant Psychiatrist driven by the determination to make a difference in the life of every person I work with. I have a wealth of clinical, leadership and management experience that enables me to provide high-quality, evidence-based and individually tailored care. I regularly seek feedback from my patients and their families to facilitate ongoing enhancement of my clinical practice and to ensure delivery of the best possible outcomes for everyone seeking my support.

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  • BSc (Hons) - Bachelor of Science - 1998 - Leicester Medical School
  • ILM7 - Institute of Leadership and Management Executive Coach - 2018
  • MBChB - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - 2001 Leicester Medical School
  • MRCPsych - Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists - London - 2010
  • MSc (Dist) - Master of Science - Medical Leadership
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