Free Confidential Addiction Assessment

We understand that it can be difficult to make the first step towards treatment for an addiction. That’s why the Priory offers a free addiction assessment with an experienced therapist at  your nearest Priory site for treatments which include; alcohol, drug, sex, gambling, shopping, internet addiction and more. We also recognise that the Christmas period can be difficult time of year for many people and Priory can offer cost effective and flexible addiction support packages for both inpatient and outpatient treatment, with easy access to meet patient needs.

Your assessment will be completely confidential and will begin to help you to identify reasons for your addiction. We are the UK’s leading independent provider of addiction treatment services, which is why 86% of people treated at the Priory are still abstinent after 12 months.

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If your enquiry is of an urgent nature please call our dedicated central enquiries office on: 0800 144 8969.  Any information you provide is submitted over a secure connection and cannot be viewed by anyone else on the web.