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Offering world-class mental health, addiction and eating disorder treatments

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Priory offers a friendly, professional and safe environment where you can focus on recovery. Working in close partnership, Priory is dedicated to providing GPs and private referrers with a simple referrals process, into high quality care provided by our specialist teams.

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With 23 private hospitals and wellbeing centres nationwide, providing fast access to private mental health and addictions treatment to over 10,000 people each year, Priory is well-placed to provide people with the support they need.

Priory teams up with Sky Sports: how you can get mental health and addictions support

Priory has teamed up with Sky Sports to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 with a powerful film about battling me…

Depression Vs Sadness Thumbnail
Depression vs sadness

Sadness and depression share some similarities but are fundamentally different. Here, we discuss the two.

Parental mental health
Parental mental health

There’s no shame in admitting you need help and support if you're balancing mental health and parenting.

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