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Welcome to Priory’s online resource for GPs and professionals, which contains a wide range of useful tools and information including:

  • A one-stop referral management service
  • Information on Priory’s service range and specialist teams
  • Access to education support for you, your practice and your patients

With 23 private hospitals and wellbeing centres nationwide, providing swift access to private mental health and addictions treatment to over 10,000 people each year, Priory is well-placed to provide people with the support they need.

I started referring my patients to Priory over 20 years ago now; whether using hospitals or wellbeing centres, the service is quick, efficient and most importantly patient centred. Communication during the patient’s illness is vital to me and my general practice - something that Priory’s clinicians do very well.

I’m always conscious of the responsibility when referring into private providers, as my practice relies on the best possible levels of care and service - something I’ve always had with Priory. Whenever issues are encountered, their support team is quick to identify and help. I would recommend Priory services to any of my patients.

Testimonial from GP

Priory works with referrers to enable access to high quality, private care, for mental health and addiction conditions, and our nationwide network can be accessed through a GP or private referral. Treatment can be funding through either self-pay or private medical insurance. You can find out more information about funding here.

We aim to make the process for referring into Priory as simple as possible. Our referral guide provides more information on this.

Privacy policy

Priory takes the protection of your patients’ data seriously and works with GPs to ensure all personal data is stored, handled and received in a secure way, complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). You can view our full privacy policy here.

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