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Priory employs and works with worldwide leading mental health professionals. To help you identify the most appropriate specialist for your patient, follow the link below where you can search by location and speciality.

Alternatively, you can send an open referral and we will work with the patient to assign a specialist to best meet their needs.

Click here for a list of Priory specialists.

Payment and medical insurance - the process

Priory is an approved provider for all of the UK’s leading private medical insurers. Most outpatient therapy services are covered as standard by the majority of insurers, so many of your patients may be able to access treatment at no additional cost. Insurers may also cover day care and inpatient residential treatment.

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Frequently asked patient questions

In the following section Priory answers the most commonly asked questions about terminology and treatment. 

What is psychiatry?
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What does a consultant psychiatrist do?
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What is psychology?
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What does a clinical psychologist do?
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What is psychotherapy?
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What does a psychotherapist do?
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What does a therapist do?
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What does a counselling psychologist do?
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Our counselling psychologists understand diagnosis and the medical context to mental health problems and work collaboratively with patients to explore their own unique psychological experience, helping to empower their recovery.

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For further information about Priory's referral process, please call our GP support line on 0800 090 1354. If you would like to make a referral, please click here to submit a form. Alternatively you can email us with any questions.

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