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Who can I call for help?

If you feel as though you’re in crisis with your mental health, there are a number of things you can do to get the urgent help you need:

Dial 999 or attend your nearest A&E department if:

  • You have harmed yourself or another person
  • You are worried about keeping yourself or other people safe
  • You have acted on any suicidal thoughts
  • You feel out of control

Contact your local 24-hour NHS urgent mental health helpline if:

  • You need to speak to a trained mental health professional urgently
  • You are experiencing suicidal thoughts but have not acted on them

Make an urgent appointment with your GP if:

  • Your mental health is getting worse and you would like to discuss immediate next steps

I need someone to talk to

If you feel that you need to talk to someone, there are also a number of helplines and forums you can access and you can speak to someone about how you’re feeling. Some are designed for adults and some are designed for young people.

Helplines for Adults




NHS 111

Helplines for Young People

How can Priory help?

At Priory, we can offer fast access to services for individuals who:

  • Require expert support with their mental health, whose situation does not need immediate support from the emergency services
  • For those who have accessed emergency support, Priory can assist you once your condition has been stabilised

If you fit the above criteria, you can contact our friendly team on  0330 056 6024, and we will be able to advise you on the continuing support we can provide. This might include intensive inpatient treatment at one of our hospital sites, where you’ll be able to address the underlying causes for your difficulties and take steps towards recovery.

While we’re not an emergency service at Priory, we’re dedicated to your onward recovery and stabilisation, and will help you to get back on track. Our highly trained mental health treatment experts will help you to understand your issues, and support you every step of the way towards a healthier and more positive future.

To discuss treatment options at Priory, please call our dedicated central enquiries team on on: 0330 056 6024. Alternatively, please complete our enquiry form.

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