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Addiction is a mental health condition that results when an act or substance is used to the extent that it interferes with everyday life. Common addictions include, but are by no means restricted to, alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Addiction can be devastating, potentially resulting in failed relationships, money problems and emotional instability.

If you find that you cannot stop yourself from regularly using a substance or an act behaviour, you have a clear symptom sign that you are dependent on it.

At Priory Hospital Glasgow you will benefit from:

  • A personalised treatment programme tailored to your needs
  • Complete discretion and confidentiality
  • Access to over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality mental health treatment

We are the UK's leading independent provider of addiction treatment services. Our nationwide network of specialist consultants and therapists has helped thousands of people to overcome their addiction successfully.

Aftercare support included

Our personalised programmes offer 12 months of aftercare and family support. We also provide specialist programmes to tackle any emotional issues which are hindering your recovery process. Where necessary, such as for individuals who experience significant withdrawal symptoms, we also provide medically assisted detoxification programmes.

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Warmth and kindness of staff

"The staff made my time at the Priory an amazing experience. Their warmth and kindness kept me afloat, at a difficult time in my life"

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