Why book a consultation?

You might have read about cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or heard about it from your GP. CBT is a structured, action-oriented and problem solving approach which helps people to manage their thoughts, behaviour and mood more effectively. It’s effective for many mental health conditions and could work for you.

At your free, no-obligation consultation at the Priory Wellbeing Centre you will benefit from:

  • Expert advice on CBT from a Priory expert
  • A consultation time to suit your work and commitments
  • Complete discretion and confidentiality
  • A recommended treatment programme based on your personal situation
  • Consultation by phone or at our central London location
  • Access to 30 years' plus experience providing the highest quality mental health treatment

Find out if CBT could improve your mental wellbeing. Book your consultation now, call our enquiry line free on: 0800 840 3219