Why seek help?

We know it can be difficult to take the first step towards treatment for alcohol addiction. That’s why Priory offers a free addiction assessment with an experienced therapist at your nearest Priory site. Your consultation is completely confidential, and provides you with a clear first step towards recovery. To book an appointment that suits your schedule, contact us now.

If you are already thinking about seeking help for your alcohol addiction, then you have admitted that you have a problem and need help, which is a significant first step.

How can you tell you might be addicted to alcohol? You might be experiencing some of the following:

  • An inflexible pattern of alcohol use
  • Prioritising alcohol over other activities
  • Increased tolerance
  • The appearance of withdrawal symptoms


Our personalised programmes offer 12 months of aftercare and family support. We also provide specialist programmes to tackle any emotional issues which are hindering your recovery process. Where necessary, such as for individuals who experience significant withdrawal symptoms, we also provide medically assisted detoxification programmes.

Take that first step towards abstinence and fill in the form to book your free, confidential consultation now. Alternatively, call our enquiry line on: 0800 144 8969