A parent’s message of gratitude

From Priory Hospital Marlow – NHS eating disorder care.

We dropped our daughter off at your doorstep, lifeless and broken. We had lost all hope and were devastated that it had got to this point.

We remember the weeks leading up to the admission, desperately waiting for the light in her room to come on or the curtains to be drawn back, just to know she is doing better, or even to check she was still alive. 

But it got so bad and we had no choice but to place all of our trust in you, praying that we would somehow get our daughter back.

Thanks to all your hard work, a miracle happened. Kayleigh* is returning to us not only healthy but with a new mind-set that we have never seen before.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are for each and every one of you – to everyone who has contributed to her care. We will never forgot the people who were part of this outstanding team, and the kind words you have said to us in times when we needed to hear it the most.

I’m sure you will all change so many more lives and repair the broken families who would do anything to see their loved ones get better.
Keep doing what you are doing by providing this gold-standard care. Thank you all so much for everything. I have got my daughter back!

*Patient’s name and image has been changed to protect their identity. 


A parent's message of gratitude

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