Neil’s pathway story

Hear about Neil's support at Riverbank, and his transition to more independent living with Priory Supported Living Hull and East Riding.

Anthony came to Priory as a resident at Riverbank, one of Priory’s residential services in Hull.

He has since progressed in his pathway and is now a tenant at Sutton House, a Priory Supported Living Hull and East Riding service.

Anthony’s journey – in his own words

“Before living at Riverbank, I lived in a hostel and did not get much support. I struggled with my independence skills and mental health. Now these have improved a lot; I am living in my own flat, still with Priory, but this is supported living and my own flat.”

Support at Riverbank

“At the beginning I struggled with keeping my bedroom clean, cooking for myself, managing money and having safe relationships with other people. I also used to get stressed out a lot and damage property; at times, I was contacted by the police because of this. I worked with the staff a lot at Riverbank. We discussed my aims and goals and they would make care plans with me. I got to choose how staff would work with me, to help me become independent. I have always wanted my own place, so plans were set out to help me with that.

We completed a weekly planner together, which helped me understand what tasks to do and how this would help me. I still continue this daily routine now, and I am more confident carrying out tasks such as changing my bed, cleaning my clothes, and wiping surfaces. I also cooked with the staff; we cooked meals in my bedroom as I had a kitchenette. I also enjoyed going in Riverbank’s main kitchen, as I could spend time helping the chef prepare meals.

Whenever I got upset, staff spent a lot of time with me to work on how I can seek support and have therapeutic time to discuss things that worry me, rather than becoming frustrated or damaging things. We put a plan in place to help me with this, and we also agreed that staff could speak with me if they felt I was becoming agitated. This worked really well and I haven’t damaged property in a long time.

Riverbank helped me; I don’t think I would be living in my own flat now if I did not move through Riverbank and work with staff.


Transition to Sutton House

“We agreed that it was time for me to move to further independence and gain my own flat. I still require support and work with the staff here in supported living. When I got nervous about moving, the staff reassured me and supported me with each step. We did a plan and worked with my social worker. I enjoyed creating a list with the staff and treating myself to items I would need. I created a big list with staff to choose everything I wanted to furnish my new flat. We picked a nice sofa, new bed, cutlery, a nice TV, along with more stuff, to make sure I had everything I needed.

I visited Sutton House a few times before I moved, to meet the staff and spend time there. I also picked my flat, where I am now living. I am happy and carry out activities here, along with my daily living skills. I have been visiting the music nights in town and I do a weekly shop with the staff to fill my fridge and also continue with my daily routine. I feel at home and I am looking forward to the future.”


Anthony's step-down story

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