Cameron's story

Learn about Cameron's step-down from hospital, and the outcomes he has achieved since living in a community setting.

Cameron* successfully moved into a residential placement at Sapphire House after receiving treatment as an inpatient at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove’s NHS services.

He is now enjoying living in the community and beginning to develop his independence.

Treatment at Hayes Grove

Cameron is an autistic man, who also has schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He was experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, OCD compulsions and ritualised behaviours, and this was having a negative impact on his quality of life. This resulted in Cameron receiving treatment at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove for a number of years. During this time, he was supported by the hospital’s multidisciplinary team, and received psychiatry and occupational therapy input.

Given his progress, Cameron’s support team began to look for a suitable community placement, where he could continue to receive support in a less restrictive setting. Sapphire House, which specialises in supporting autistic adults who also have OCD or other mental health needs, was identified as being the ideal next step for Cameron. His family are also local to the area, which meant that he would be familiar with his surroundings and local community.

Supporting a successful step-down

Due to the length of Cameron’s stay in hospital, it was identified that his move would require careful planning. The teams at Hayes Grove and Sapphire House worked collaboratively to ensure that the right support was in place at his new home and that things were progressing at a pace which suited his needs.

After a thorough assessment process, the support team at Sapphire House spent a number of weeks visiting Cameron at the hospital, observing his routines and participating in activities together. Once strong relationships had been established, his support team from Hayes Grove began accompanying him on daytime visits to Sapphire House, and later, overnight stays.

Cameron has now successfully settled into his new environment at Sapphire House, and the team at the service continued to receive input from his psychiatrist at the hospital.

Cameron's positive outcomes

Since moving to Sapphire House, Cameron has been supported by a team of dedicated keyworkers and he has a detailed care plan in place, which includes positive behaviour support (PBS) input.

Previously, Cameron had required pro re nata (PRN) medication on an almost daily basis, but since living at Sapphire House, he has been supported with proactive strategies. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the use of PRN medication.

After a long period of time with more limited access to the community, Cameron is now able to participate in previously enjoyed activities, such as bowling, tennis, and going out for lunch. He is also happy to engage in new opportunities, such as attending local football games and going on trips to the cinema. Cameron’s support team are also working with him to develop his independence and he takes an active role in his activities of daily living, including grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Cameron is supported to maintain strong relationships with his loved ones and he enjoys regular visits to his family home. The management team at Sapphire House are so proud of his achievements and they look forward to supporting him on his first holiday in over a decade, later this year.

*The resident's name has been changed to protect his identity.


Cameron's story

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