Chris’s story

Discover Chris's story, a young man with a learning disability who experienced a difficult life before coming to Millburn.

Chris is a young man with a learning disability, who had experienced a difficult life before coming to Millburn.

He has now moved on to live in his own flat in the community, and has achieved great success in gaining his first job.

Achieving positive outcomes at Millburn

Before moving to Millburn, Chris was living in a residential service with another provider. Unfortunately, the provider had served him notice, deeming him too high-risk to continue to support. His social care team struggled to find a new placement for Chris, until one became available at Millburn, one of Priory’s residential services.

Chris was thoroughly assessed, and accepted for a placement at the home. He quickly settled into his new environment, benefiting from the high staff-to-resident ratio and tailored support programmes. The management team had assigned Chris a core staff team, who provided one-to-one support. They encouraged Chris to play an active role in his activities of daily living, to enable him to become more independent.

The team also focused on building Chris’s confidence and helping him move towards positive influences, both within the home and out in the community. They also supported him to pursue activities he enjoys, such as DIY. He began helping the home's maintenance worker with various duties around the house, enjoying the sense of responsibility it gave him.

Moving on to independence

After a few years at Millburn, Chris was ready to transition to an environment with less support. He wanted to live locally, as he had built strong links within the home and the local area. His support team helped him move to a nearby flat, where he receives support on an outreach basis through Priory Supported Living Scotland.

Following his successful transition to more independent living, Chris began looking for a suitable employment opportunity. Recently, he put in a successful application for a part-time job as a maintenance worker at Millburn. He now attends the service weekly to carry out his duties, which include carrying out repairs and maintaining the garden.

Millburn's management team are so proud of Chris, and report that he is both enjoying and excelling in his new role. With his skills and confidence greatly enhanced, everyone at the service is looking forward to seeing what he will achieve next.


Chris's story

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