Donna's story

Learn about the outcomes Donna has achieved since she came to live at Bromyard Road.

Donna has a learning disability and anxiety.

She came to Bromyard Road from a hospital setting, and has since achieved a number of amazing outcomes.

Support at Bromyard Road

Before coming to Bromyard Road, Donna had been sleeping in a tent, and had struggled with substance misuse. As a result of these challenges, she spent some time in a psychiatric unit. Upon her discharge, Donna’s social care team identified Bromyard Road as the ideal next step for her. The service supports women who have a learning disability and mental health needs, in a residential setting.

Donna’s support team worked with a variety of multidisciplinary professionals through her transition to the home. This included therapeutic input and support through the detoxification and rehabilitation process. This helped Donna's move back to community living go smoothly.

Life Star Programme

The team at Bromyard Road utilised the Life Star framework to help Donna set measurable goals, and she received one-on-one support to help her move towards them. At first, she was unable to access the community independently, due to the risks this would present for her. However, with consistent support, her confidence and independence grew.

Donna's Life Star Programme

Donna’s positive outcomes

Donna’s mental health has stabilised, and she no longer engages in behaviours that put her at risk. She is able to manage responsibilities and navigate situations which previously would have been difficult for her. This includes caring for her pet hamster and undertaking voluntary work, without requiring support from her team.

Recently, Donna attained her first paid job, as a health checker with a learning disability advocacy group. Her role involves auditing and assessing how equitable health services are for people who have a learning disability. She is finding her new job rewarding and she enjoys taking part in the charity’s various initiatives.

As part of her role, she recently attended the People’s Parliament. Here, she spoke with officials about equitable access to services. This opportunity has enabled Donna to voice her unique insights and contribute to a cause which is close to her heart. The sense of responsibility has also been beneficial to Donna in continuing to build her confidence.

I cannot think of anyone better suited to this role. Donna has already thought of other areas for improvement, such as domestic violence and abuse organisations.

Deputy manager Bromyard Road


Donna's story

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