Jade’s story

Discover Jade's story at The Lawrence, where she was supported to make positive changes to her lifestyle and grow her independence.

Jade came to live at The Lawrence in 2020, feeling shy and uncertain about her new home.

Since then, Jade has been supported to make positive changes to her lifestyle, become more independent, and find new passions.

Support at The Lawrence

When Jade came to live at The Lawrence, the team at the home developed detailed care plans, with input from Jade and her social care team. At first, she struggled with the change in environment and sometimes left the home without informing her support team. But the more comfortable she became, the chattier she got, and she started to engage really well with her keyworkers and fellow residents.

With Jade successfully settled into her new home, the team began to work with her to develop her daily living skills. With support from her keyworkers, she chose goals she wanted to work towards, and set out a plan to achieve these.

Achieving positive outcomes

Jade is actively engaged in developing her independence at The Lawrence. Financial skills were a chosen area of focus for her, and the team at The Lawrence have worked with her to improve her understanding of money and numbers. Jade has now opened her own bank account, and is able to go shopping in the community with staff or independently.

In addition, Jade has been actively working towards her goal of developing a healthier lifestyle, embarking on daily walks in the community as part of her new exercise routine. She also wanted to learn how to cook her own meals, and has been supported in the kitchen by the team at The Lawrence. Now, Jade regularly cooks delicious meals for everyone at the home to enjoy, and hopes to become a chef like her father one day.

I love helping staff cook and learning how to cook new meals, I’m just like my dad


Since her confidence has grown, Jade has chosen to give college another chance. She has successfully completed a crafts course, a pottery course, and a qualification in mathematics, and has also taken up work in a soup kitchen.

Prior to living at The Lawrence, Jade had lost contact with her family. But with the encouragement of her support team, she began to rebuild her relationships with her father and grandmother. This started off with phone calls and progressed to week-long trips away. Jade said: “I love spending time with my dad and nana, I love them so much.”

Jade has made great strides in becoming more independent, building relationships with her family, and finding new passions. Her care team at The Lawrence speak very highly of her, proud of her achievements, and excited to see what she will accomplish next.


Jade's story

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