Janet's story

Read about the support Janet has received at Cleveland House, and the rehabilitation milestones she has reached in her time at the service.

After suffering with headaches, Janet learnt that she had cystic lesions in a part of her brain. Whilst in the hospital, her condition progressed, and she required several major surgeries.

She came to Cleveland House to continue her rehabilitation in the community. Here, she has been supported to develop her independence.

Support at Cleveland House

The home's multidisciplinary team (MDT) assessed Janet for a placement at Cleveland House, where she could continue her rehabilitation in a community setting. She had spent over a year in hospital, and would require input from both the therapy and nursing teams to support her. The MDT worked closely with Janet and staff from the hospital to understand her unique needs and goals, ensuring a holistic and person-centred approach to her support.

At this point in her journey, Janet was presenting with cognitive difficulties, struggling with her memory and attention. She found it hard to communicate verbally, and her dysphagia left her unable to eat food or drink orally. She was also immobile, reliant on full body hoisting to move. This meant that she required full support with her personal care and all other aspects of daily living.

Prior to her injury, Janet lived in the community, however she already had limited mobility due to osteoarthritis. Therefore, physiotherapy was a large aspect of her rehabilitation programme, with a focus on enhancing her physical abilities. She quickly adjusted to her new environment, keen to engage in a steady routine of therapies and activities.

Janet’s positive outcomes

Initially, Janet required the assistance of two staff members with her activities of daily living. In her occupational therapy sessions, she practiced pacing herself, helping her to sustain energy for longer. Now, she is able to manage these tasks, including cooking and cleaning, without direct assistance.

After regular sessions with the speech and language therapist, Janet’s communication has greatly improved. She overcame her word-finding difficulties and can now easily hold a conversation. Her swallowing rehabilitation hasn't reached food trials yet, although her team has found ways to make eating better for her. They introduced her to a system called Biozoon, which helps her to safely enjoy flavours.

During her time at Cleveland House, Janet has improved her mobility, which has now surpassed her condition before the injury. She can independently move from sitting to standing and walk with her Zimmer frame with minimal supervision. This means she has grown adept at navigating longer distances, as well as going up and down stairs. Her risk of falling has reduced significantly, and she is now far more confident in her physical abilities.

Janet's outcomes at Cleveland House

Everyone at Cleveland House is so proud of Janet for all she has achieved since arriving at the service. She is currently working with her team to plan her next steps, and is looking forward to a more independent future.

I don’t think I would have made the recovery I have without the team at Cleveland House



Janet's story

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