Jason's story

Learn about Jason's journey at Princes Street, where he is supported with his mental health condition.

Since childhood, Jason has lived in a variety of care services. He is on the autism spectrum, and has a learning disability and delusional disorder, a mental health condition.

He came to live at Princes Street, where he has been supported to improve his quality of life.

Support at Princes Street

When he first came to live at Princes Street, Jason would often become distressed and present with behaviours that were concerning. He would frequently feel in conflict with his support team and fellow residents. This made it difficult for his staff team to support him effectively, which had a negative impact on his wellbeing.

Jason needed his voice to be heard, and to have more choice in his care delivery. The home’s multidisciplinary team (MDT) analysed previous incident reports, and used these insights to rewrite Jason’s support plans and interventions. They implemented a positive behaviour support (PBS) approach, focusing on removing unnecessary restrictions and adapting support to meet Jason’s individual needs.

During this period of change, the occupational therapist and psychologist provided weekly input. They also supported all staff members to engage in reflective practice, to make sure Jason received the right support. In addition, staff undertook new training in non-restrictive PROACT-SCIPr® techniques. This training provided important re-education for Jason’s team, emphasising the importance of proactive support strategies.

Jason’s positive outcomes

Since the revamping of his care delivery, Jason’s quality of life has improved dramatically. He has developed his independence with his emotional regulation, and can successfully self-regulate when he becomes frustrated. As a result, there have been no serious incidents of concerning behaviour at the home for over 14 months now.

The changes made to Jason's support means he now has a structured daily routine which aligns with his needs and wishes. He has also improved his relationship with his staff team, and engages well with the support they provide. In particular, Jason is able to accept his team prompting him to engage in daily living tasks without this causing distress.

In addition, the improvement in Jason’s daily mood has enabled him to focus more on his hobbies. He regularly takes part in various activities both within and outside the home. This includes enjoying music with members of staff, attending weekly discos, and making visits to the local charity shops.

Jason’s presentation once consumed the service, affecting Jason, staff, and residents daily. However, since we made changes to his care, the difference is tangible. Jason has grown as a person and is able to live his life the way he wants.

The development and progression we have seen is something people did not think could ever happen. Though he requires lot of input and engagement, it’s a pleasure to work with him and be a part of his life.

Registered manager Princes Street


Jason's story

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