Julie’s story

Discover Julie's tranisiton story, an autistic woman who also has a learning disability and Tourette's syndrome, at Apple Mews.

Julie is an autistic woman who also has a learning disability and Tourette’s syndrome.

She came to live at Apple Mews after a structured transition from a secure hospital.

Julie’s background

Julie had experienced numerous placement breakdowns and had also spent some time in prison. At the time, she resided within secure services in a Mersey Care hospital.

When Julie became ready for discharge from this hospital, her social care team actively sought out a step-down option in her home country of Northern Ireland. This is when they identified a suitable vacancy at Apple Mews, a Priory residential home.

Transition to Apple Mews

Priory's assessment and transitions director met with Julie to get to know her and assess her needs. This determined that Apple Mews would be able to provide the right support to Julie. Once a package of care was agreed, the team at the home worked closely with her circle of support to plan the transition. They sought invaluable input from the teams at Mersey Care and Western Health & Social Care Trust throughout the transition process.

Apple Mews' positive behaviour support (PBS) practitioner supported Julie with a social story in preparation for her discharge from hospital. She also had regular visits to meet her new team and build relationships with them. On the day, they came to greet her and accompany her on the ferry journey. At every stage, Apple Mews' management kept in touch with staff from Mersey Care, to ensure the move went smoothly.

This case has truly been a demonstration of exceptional collaborative working. We are so proud to have been part of making Julie’s dream a reality. The outcome for Julie has been life-changing.

Jamie Warrender Assessment and transitions director

Achieving positive outcomes at Apple Mews

On arrival, Julie was excited to see her new home, and she quickly settled in. At Apple Mews, Julie benefits from a structured routine, which has helped her adjust to her new setting. Her support team help her plan her week, and ensure she makes time for de-stimulation and meaningful activities.

Julie has been relishing the freedoms of residential living. She now enjoys regularly accessing the community, owning personal items, and having choice in the things she does day-to-day. Julie's relatives are also much closer now, helping her to maintain strong family connections.

The Apple Mews team is pleased with how well Julie has adjusted after her transition from hospital. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Julie continue to thrive at Apple Mews.

Julie has come such a long way. All the staff here have developed a great therapeutic relationship with her. We are determined to continue the great work Mersey Care have started with her.

Catherine O’Connell Deputy manager at Apple Mews


Julie's story

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