Louise's therapy story

Louise* has shared her story about online therapy with Sandra, a Priory therapist, who has helped Louise overcome her mental health struggles. 

Louise's Story

"I am familiar with video calls for work purposes, and I recognise it is not easy to build rapport on remote access calls. I was very impressed by Sandra's engagement and ability to calm my nerves in the early sessions. I was unsure what to expect; and I had been very slow to ask for help. Sandra began by exploring why that might have been the case and rather than feeling judged or nervous about taking the step to seek help, I felt supported right from the start.

We explored various work concerns and discussed a whole range of work relationships and team dynamics. I was struck by the triggers for anxiety and how Sandra got me to reflect on conversations and work meetings. She was able to play back my concerns and the way I rationalised things and it made sense to challenge my own thinking - my own fears.

Early sessions were hard because I was opening up about things I had been trying to deal with on my own for a long time. I had gone round in circles, and Sandra was able to explain how that process was damaging and painful, as well as exhausting. She was patient with me and allowed me space to reflect and heal. I was gradually surprised at the progress I was making, not just in the sessions themselves but between meetings. And work colleagues and family began to notice the difference as well.

I'm very grateful to the expert support Sandra gave me across the various sessions we had. The advice and thinking tools / exercises she introduced have changed my outlook and really helped me out of a dark place into a more positive mindset."

*Louise's name has been changed for their privacy 

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