Miles’s story

Discover Miles's story, an autistic man who also has ADHD, a learning disability, pica, and sensory processing difficulties, at Ebbsfleet House.

Miles is a young autistic man with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a learning disability, pica, and sensory processing difficulties. Having successfully transitioned from a children’s placement with another provider, Miles is currently supported in a bespoke flat at Ebbsfleet House.

Developing a successful transition plan

Before moving to Ebbsfleet House, Miles lived at a service over 200 miles from his family home, where he was exhibiting frequent behaviours of concern, including physical aggression and consuming inedible objects. With Miles in need of an adult placement, his social care team identified Ebbsfleet House as the ideal next step for him. However, given the complexity of his needs, the transition would require careful planning and co-ordination.

Professionals from across Priory, including the assessment and transitions director, positive behaviour support (PBS) practitioner, and the management team at Ebbsfleet, undertook a comprehensive assessment. The process began with visits to Miles at his previous placement and concluded with Miles visiting Ebbsfleet to familiarise himself with his new environment. This process allowed the team at the service to gain a deep understanding of Miles's needs and establish strong relationships with him, his mother, and his current circle of support.

In preparation for Miles’s arrival, Priory developed a new purpose-built, self-contained flat, with a strong focus on personalisation of décor. With the right environment in place, the staff at the service made every effort to make Miles feel at home from the get-go, tailoring his surroundings to his likes and preferences and supporting him with a social story to aid his understanding. This extensive preparation work resulted in a seamless move, and he quickly settled into his new home.

Support at Ebbsfleet House

Miles is supported with a detailed support plan, which was co-produced with input from Miles’s mother, social care team, previous provider, and a variety of professionals. All staff members at Ebbsfleet House are trained in PBS and PROACT-SCIPr-UK®, enabling them to meet Miles’s behavioural needs. Additionally, staff also underwent specialist training, including learning the picture exchange communication system (PECS), to support Miles with his communication difficulties.

He benefits from one-to-one support in his flat at Ebbsfleet House, where the team focuses on developing his daily living skills. Using the Outcomes Star tool, his key workers monitor his support, help him set clear goals, and identify areas for further development. Miles also has a personalised activities planner, facilitated through PECS, allowing him to make choices about his routine.

Achieving positive outcomes

Thanks to consistent PBS input and a focus on non-restrictive support strategies, Miles has exhibited virtually no behaviours of concern since moving to Ebbsfleet House. Those who knew Miles previously report that he appears more content and relaxed than ever, a massive accomplishment considering his previous anxieties surrounding change. He is involved in various daily tasks at the home and has already vastly enhanced his independence.

Ebbsfleet House is situated near the beach, which Miles loves. His days start with his favourite activity, walking, and also involves various community activities. Developing an active lifestyle has enabled Miles to lose over a stone of weight, in line with his mother's hopes. In addition, Miles is also now able to maintain a closer relationship with his family, who live only a short distance from the home.

The remarkable improvements in Miles’s quality of life have been achieved thanks to the collaborative efforts of everyone at Ebbsfleet House, the local community teams and his family. The team at the service are so proud of Miles’s achievements so far, and look forward to supporting him as he continues to work towards his future goals.


Miles's story

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