Neil’s pathway story

Hear about Neil's support at Riverbank, and his transition to more independent living with Priory Supported Living Hull and East Riding.

Neil came to Riverbank from a secure forensic service, where he was supported with his mental health condition.

From this time, he has worked hard to develop his independence, and has since moved on to his own flat with Priory Supported Living Hull and East Riding.

Support at Riverbank

After several years spent in secure services, moving to a community-based setting was a significant step for Neil. A structured transition period enabled him to get accustomed to this big change. Riverbank also assigned him a core staff team, who supported him as he settled into his new home.

At Riverbank, there were far less restrictions in place, compared to previous settings. This meant Neil was free to make decisions about his life and the things he wanted to do. With support from his team, his confidence and key skills grew. He quickly adjusted to living in his new environment and managing the day-to-day challenges he faced.

Achieving positive outcomes

Neil took an active interest maintaining his home and practicing his daily living skills. He began supporting the home’s chef with cooking and the maintenance team with gardening. In addition, Neil was supported with other personal hobbies like upcycling scrap wood and other items into garden furniture, for everyone at the home to enjoy.

He was also eager to get involved in opportunities out in the community. He took on voluntary work, taking pride in his responsibilities. He also enrolled onto several courses at a local college, gaining qualifications such as a Construction Skills Certification.

I enjoy being able to have ownership of my life, and that’s what I got from living at Riverbank


Neil's move to supported living

Given Neil's rapid progress, his team recognised that he was ready to move on to more independent living. He now has his own flat in a nearby supported living service, Priory’s Margaret Street, where he has his own tenancy with the landlord.

Here, he is continuing to work with his support team to achieve the key goals he set himself. Recently, he attained a Train the Trainer qualification, and is still maintaining his voluntary job. His greatest achievement though, is learning to manage day-to-day independently, and living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone at Riverbank and Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding is so proud of Neil's accomplishments. They are looking forward to seeing what he will achieve next.


Neil's story

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