Pauline's story

Learn about the positive outcomes Pauline has achieved since living at Priory Alphonsus House.

Pauline has a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Before coming to Priory Alphonsus House, she suffered unfortunate life circumstances, which had caused her mental health to decline.

This led to behaviours that were concerning to those around Pauline.

Support at Alphonsus House

Pauline required a placement in a safe, nurturing environment, where she could receive ongoing support with her mental health. The management team at Alphonsus House undertook a thorough assessment, which helped determine that the service would be the right home for her. They worked closely with Pauline, her social care teams, and staff members from her previous setting. The plans carefully considered her support needs, hopes and goals.

When Pauline arrived at the service, she received individualised support in accordance with these support plans. At first, she required a lot support with her mental health, activities of daily living, and accessing and integrating within the community safely. Previously, Pauline struggled with maintaining relationships with her support team. The team at Alphonsus House took a positive approach, taking the time to build trust.

Pauline’s positive outcomes

With strong working relationships in place between Pauline and her support team, they have noticed a significant decrease in behaviours of concern. Pauline’s mental health has stabilised, and she is now focused on building up her daily living skills, and her confidence accessing the community.

Once dependent on staff support, Pauline can now complete her personal care tasks by herself. She also is able to prepare snacks independently, and currently supports staff members with meal preparation.

In addition, she is now much more confident accessing the community. She enjoys regular trips out to local shopping centres and to lunch with her friends. Her support team are pleased to announce that Pauline recently plucked up the courage to apply for a voluntary job. She is eagerly awaiting her upcoming interview with a charity.

The team at Alphonsus House couldn’t be prouder of all Pauline has achieved in her time at the service so far.


Pauline's story

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