Postnatal depression - my story

Martina's story

I had a very difficult birth, a C-section, and I couldn't sleep for a couple of nights. I was having really bad thoughts. I asked my husband if we would take me to the doctors as I couldn't cope anymore.

My GP suggested I take a few sleeping pills, which I wasn't massively keen on. It didn't help, I had a few really bad nights again. We went back to see our GP and she was really kind. She straight away noticed there was something wrong with me. She gave me the postnatal depression test and I scored the highest points.

My husband had private insurance so straight away they called the Priory and I was admitted the same day.

Hear Martina's recovery story

"I couldn't wish for more"

When I first arrived I didn't really want to speak to anyone, but I felt quite comfortable speaking to the staff because they were very supportive and friendly. I couldn't wish for anymore. I had a nice room, the surroundings are beautiful and when my family came we could use the outdoor area for playing with the kids,

The staff were so supportive, we could even have dinner here, they could come anytime. It made my [recovery] journey much quicker. I was so depressed I couldn't use a lot of the therapies, expect art therapy and yoga therapy - which was brilliant.

The whole experience was brilliant I definitely recommend this place. Everyone who has postnatal depression should talk to their husband or a close family member first, then your GP. They really do help.

"People shouldn't be afraid to talk about it"

I could go shopping finally on my own and do things independently. I started to do things which I'd done before I was depressed, slowly and build up on it.

People shouldn't be afraid to talk about it if they are depressed. So many people stay at home and close themselves. I think it's the wrong thing to do. People should open up and see their GPs - who are here to help us.

The Priory was a great place to be. The staff are educated and know what they're doing. Plus, there is amazing food!

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