Richard's story

Learn about the outcomes Richard has achieved in his rehabilitation at Notts Hill House.

Richard* is a gentleman who has an acquired brain injury. He came to live at Notts Hill House to continue his rehabilitation in a community setting.

Since then, has made some remarkable achievements in his recovery.

Support at Notts Hill House

After Richard sustained an acquired brain injury, it was decided that he would benefit from the support offered at Notts Hill House, which is a specialist brain injury support service in Torquay, Devon. At this time, he required a wheelchair and had very limited mobility.

When Richard first came to live at Notts Hill House, he was assigned dedicated keyworkers, and individually tailored care plans were developed in line with his specific needs. He immediately began to receive one-to-one support from his core team and from multidisciplinary professionals.

The support team at the home understood that Richard would benefit from support to improve his mobility. Richard began receiving consistent input from the service’s physiotherapist, utilising the home’s extensive facilities such as the gymnasium.

In addition, it was recognised that Richard wished to build up his independent living skills, so that he could work towards moving into his own accommodation in the future. He has been working with the service’s occupational therapist in the on-site occupational therapy kitchen, and out in the community, to build up these skills.

Richard’s positive outcomes

Over the past year, Richard has settled in to life at Notts Hill House, and has been supported to achieve some amazing positive outcomes. In particular, Richard’s mobility has seen a great improvement, and he is now able to walk with the aid of a stick, and climb stairs with supervision. This progress has been really inspiring for Richard, and has helped him develop his confidence.

With his mobility improving, Richard is also making great strides towards building up his daily living skills. He has been working with the occupational therapist over the last few months on a range of tasks, including shopping for food, being able to work a microwave, making himself cups of tea and making purchases online. With the support of everyone at the home, Richard is making great headway towards achieving his goal of mastering these skills.

With the support of the team at Notts Hill House, Richard has already made wonderful progress, and the team at the service could not be happier.

With the support of the staff, Richard continues to work towards the quality of life he aspires to. We are very proud of him.

Deputy manager Notts Hill House

*Resident's name and photo have been changed to protect their identity.


Richard's story

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