Rohan's pathway story

Learn about Rohan, who came to live at The Old Rectory on a care pathway after receiving treatment at Priory Hospital Mildmay Oaks.

Rohan* is a gentleman who came to Priory Hospital Mildmay Oaks under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, after his parents had become unable to cope with his support needs. From this point, Rohan’s care pathway has been meticulously planned out, to enable him to transition back to community living at The Old Rectory.

Treatment at Mildmay Oaks

Rohan is on the autism spectrum, and has a learning disability, depression and anxiety; this complexity of conditions has made things difficult for Rohan at times in his life. When he first came to Mildmay Oaks, he would frequently present with behaviours that were concerning to those around him. The multidisciplinary team (MDT) at the hospital recognised that Rohan was in distress and worked closely with him to gain his trust and develop a package of care to meet his needs.

The support provided to Rohan included occupational therapy, with a focus on full sensory assessment, as well as work with a speech and language therapist and psychologist. He quickly appeared to benefit from the routine and structure provided by the hospital, and began to engage well with his treatment and develop meaningful therapeutic relationships with the MDT.

Supporting a successful transition

Given Rohan’s progress, it was decided that a structured transition to a community setting would be in his best interests. The team at Mildmay Oaks looked into an available placement at The Old Rectory, one of Priory’s residential services, and identified it as being well-suited for Rohan and his care needs.

Regular visits were organised, to give Rohan the opportunity to build rapport with staff and assist him in developing hope and optimism about his next steps. During this stage, the team from The Old Rectory would come to Mildmay Oaks to meet with Rohan and the MDT, and attend occupational therapy sessions and planned activities together.

Once strong relationships were established, Rohan started undertaking regular visits to The Old Rectory, along with his support team from the hospital. This helped him become acquainted with the wider staff team at The Old Rectory, get to know the other residents, and familiarise himself with the environment and local area.

Achieving positive outcomes

Since moving to the Old Rectory, Rohan has been supported by dedicated keyworkers and has a detailed care plan in place. Rohan used to struggle with social interaction, but now he is far more confident in this aspect of his life; recently, he asked if his team could support him in learning Makaton, so he could communicate with some of the other residents. His relationships with his family have also hugely improved, and he enjoys regular contact with them.

Rohan has regular input into his weekly activities planner; he loves to go swimming, to the cinema and visiting the city of Bath on the train. Engaging in meaningful activity has really helped Rohan with his self-regulation - the team at the service are proud to report that there have been no incidents of behaviours of concern since he arrived at the home.

The continuity of care that Rohan has received throughout his pathway has enabled him to progress to a level of independence at a pace which was right for him. Now that Rohan’s mental health has stabilised and he is focusing on growing his daily living skills, the team at the service have started to make plans for a future move to supported living, where it is hoped that Rohan will continue to thrive.

*Name has been changed to protect the resident’s identity.


Rohan's story

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