Sayini's story

Find out how we supported Sayini with her agoraphobia and physical health needs, to help her enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Sayini has faced challenges with her agoraphobia, a condition that makes her anxious and uneasy in open or crowded spaces.

In addition, she is registered blind, has a learning disability, and has physical health needs. She has been supported by her team at Kalmia and Mallow to manage her conditions.

Support at Kalmia and Mallow

Sayini deals with numerous physical health conditions, which can significantly affect her wellbeing. These issues often cause her pain and distress, leading to self-harming behaviours and her presenting risks to her support team. Due to her agoraphobia, Sayini was not comfortable leaving the house, and this was having a negative effect on her quality of life.

At Kalmia and Mallow, the care team has developed a comprehensive care plan for Sayini, incorporating positive behaviour support (PBS) plans. They wear personal protective equipment to ensure her safety and theirs during care. Sayini benefits from regular visits by healthcare professionals, allowing for quick adjustments to her care based on any changes in her health status.

The team at Kalmia and Mallow implemented a plan to improve Sayini’s access to the community, starting by adding short walks into her daily routine. They also helped her become comfortable inside the home’s car, opening up opportunities to begin going to places. Since Sayini is blind, her key workers always talk to her about what’s around her, helping make sure she feels safe and supported when she’s outside the home.

Sayini's positive outcomes

Given Sayini’s complex needs, she requires a lot of support with her activities of daily living. However, her team make sure to encourage her to be involved in these tasks. Sayini often helps with her personal care, preparing meals, and cleaning her room. This has helped her develop her independence skills.

External professionals have observed notable improvements in Sayini's conditions in her time at Kalmia and Mallow. Her support team have ensured that she has always had access to necessary healthcare services, significantly boosting her general health. These improvements have led to a remarkable decrease in behaviours of concern. Sayini is now noticeably happier and more conversational, and is able to enjoy an improved quality of life. This means she is spending less time in her bedroom, and has begun participating in activities within the home.

This enhanced support has also allowed Sayini to better manage her agoraphobia symptoms. With her team's support, she has started to venture into the community again, which had previously been very difficult for her. A recent highlight was a successful visit to McDonalds with her key worker. Sayini looks forward to the possibility of meeting her sister for lunch in the community soon.

The team at Kalmia and Mallow are so proud of her for her recent achievements, and look forward to seeing her continue to thrive.

The team working with Sayini are consistent with their approach, encouragement and praise.

As a result, Sayini has built her confidence with support staff, and in herself.

Registered Manager Kalmia and Mallow


Sayini's story

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