From aggression and paranoia to a better life in the community

Suzie’s treatment journey at Priory Richmond House.

My name is Suzanne* and when I first arrived at Priory Richmond House, I was scared and didn’t know how long I would be there for. But now, I can tell you my story which has led to independent living.

It took me a while to calm down when I first came for treatment at Richmond House – I was paranoid and experiencing hallucinations.

I could also be aggressive and I always had to be with two care workers. I wanted more than anything to be trusted but now I know this was all for my safety.

With the help and support of the team at Richmond House, I was able to go down to one care worker supervising me, and this was even when I got to go out. I started attending a church with just one care worker and I absolutely loved this.

The way the team involved me in my care and encouraged me with more and more independence like this, really helped my confidence. I still attend the same church to this day and the reverend there is so kind.

Thanks to Richmond House I was comfortable enough to finally settle in the same area so I still get to go there.

I now have my own flat and I manage my own medication. This is down to the skills I learnt at the hospital. The team made sure I was support beyond their care and into the community, so I was still safe. I have Richmond to thank for everything.

*Patient’s name and image has been changed to protect their identity. 


Suzanne's story - Priory Richmond House

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