Toby's story

Follow Toby's stay at Priory Hospital Newbury, where he received medical and psychotherapeutic treatments.

Toby* was admitted to Priory Hospital Newbury with a complex psychiatric history. He suffered from schizoaffective disorder and mental and behavioural disorders due to the use of Cannabinoids.

As a result of aggressive and assaultive behaviour he required detention in hospital under Home Office restrictions.

Our care programme focused on educating Toby through a process of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances, mostly street drugs. Our multidisciplinary team worked with Toby to develop his insight around stopping drug use and staying drug free. His mental state stabilised due to a structured program of meaningful activity.

Toby engaged well with the off-site football program and was a keen and motivated member of the community allotment project located in a nearby residential area. This project has been a real success and won an award from the local council, and Toby is proud to be part of this exciting project. Occupational Therapy assisted Toby to develop a resume and he was able to apply for jobs in the area. He was offered a position at a local sports retailer.

He is now working 16 hours a week and really enjoys his job. Toby also enjoys art and has been working with the art therapist in a group work session each week.

Toby is due to be discharged shortly. He is stable, settled and drug free. He has rebuilt relations with his family and friends. He has developed a strong insight into his mental health and plans to return to Newbury to talk about his journey and help others with their recovery.

Toby has recently voiced his interest in making an application for Service User and Care Representative for the AIMS Rehabilitation Quality Network – he is currently working on his application for this post.

Toby is waiting for a discharge date to move back into the community once suitable accommodation has been sourced for him. He will be discharged in the next couple of months and is planning to visit India next year.

*Patient’s name has been changed to protect their identity.


Toby's story

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