Tommy’s story

Discover Tommy's story, a man who has a learning disability, at Kirklea.

The team at Kirklea have recently developed a bespoke self-contained flat for Tommy, a gentleman who has a learning disability.

Tommy was involved in the development through the entire process, and he is now enjoying his new home.

Tommy’s background

Previously, Tommy received support to live independently on the Isle of Bute. However, he was experiencing difficulties while accessing community services, and this led to some incidents of friction. Shortly after, Tommy went to live at a residential service with another provider. The social care team at Argyll and Bute Council felt that Tommy would benefit from a self-contained placement in a smaller service, so they began seeking out alternatives to his current setting.

At this time, an opportunity had arisen at Kirklea, one of Priory’s residential services in Kilmarnock. The home, which specialises in supporting individuals with a learning disability, had a vacant two-bed space in an annexe on its grounds. Priory and Tommy’s social care team agreed that this building could possibly be converted into a bespoke self-contained flat for Tommy.

Building the right environment

The management team at Kirklea worked closely with Tommy’s current care provider, his family, and various professionals to conduct a thorough assessment of his needs. Early on, Tommy’s brother visited the service and said that he felt that the location and team would really help his brother. With all parties on board with the proposal, Priory began to plan and execute the process of converting the vacant space into a flat, complete with a bedroom, lounge, kitchen/diner, and wet room.

A development process of several months allowed a comprehensive transition plan to be implemented. This enabled Tommy to be fully involved in the refurbishment plans, as well as get to know his new team and environment. During this period he visited Kirklea fortnightly, getting to know the home’s support team and participating in group activities with other residents. Tommy was supported to shape how his home would look, picking out paint colours and choosing the décor. It was also arranged for him to receive input from the learning disability team in Kilmarnock.

He’s lucky to have been able to have his own space that is so nice and so homely.

Tommy's brother Kirklea

Achieving positive outcomes

Tommy settled in extremely well to his new home, and is now working on developing his independence. A person-centred support plan is in place, and Tommy is supported with a positive behaviour support (PBS) plan. He has developed strong relationships with his dedicated keyworkers, who utilise proactive strategies to meet his needs.

The support team at Kirklea have been working with Tommy to develop his independent living skills and are implementing a visual activity planner to aid him in maintaining structure to his week. He receives one-to-one support to go out in the community and recently has been successfully planning and completing outings to the supermarket. In addition, he has been getting more involved in other duties around his flat, such as meal preparation, cleaning, and laundry.

As well as working on his activities of daily living, Tommy has also been exploring his hobbies and spending time socialising. He is passionate about gardening, and has been supported to spruce up the outside of his flat with some flower pots. Recently, Tommy has started to invite his fellow residents inside his flat to share meals and play some board games.

The staff at Kirklea, Tommy’s loved ones, and the professionals from his social care team, are all so pleased that he is enjoying life in his new flat.


Tommy's story

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