Tom’s story

Discover Tom's story, an autistic man who also has a learning disability and epilepsy, at Bedborough House.

Tom is an autistic man, who also has a learning disability and epilepsy. Despite living at Bedborough House for a number of years, back in 2021 Tom began exhibiting more behaviours of concern. His team looked for solutions, so that his needs could continue to be met at the home.

Tom’s background

The care team at Bedborough House noticed that Tom’s epilepsy was causing him anxiety, due to the unpleasant sensations and his inability to control these feelings. He would sometimes react to this by exhibiting behaviours of concern, such as biting, property damage and vocalisations. This was distressing for Tom and the people around him, so ways of preventing this needed putting into place very quickly.

A positive behaviour support approach

By working with Tom and his support network, we developed a positive behaviour support (PBS) plan to implement proactive ways to reduce these behaviours. His support team focused on using strategies to aid
Tom in staying calm when presented with triggers.

This means that the team can spot early warning signs that indicate that Tom might be agitated, and undertake measures to give Tom the space he needs. This ensures that Tom has the opportunity to calm himself down, mitigating the need for staff intervention. The team at Bedborough House also had a swing installed in the garden especially for Tom, which he uses to self-regulate when he is feeling upset.

It was identified that Tom’s epilepsy medication might be exasperating his behaviours, so he has been supported to reduce his dosage. With input from multidisciplinary professionals, Tom’s epilepsy is now managed effectively through other means, and he can now access healthcare resources without this causing him distress.

Achieving positive outcomes

Any changes in Tom’s behaviour are always reported to the service’s dedicated PBS practitioner, who keeps his PBS plan regularly updated. This means that the team are always attuned to Tom’s needs, which has lead to a dramatic reduction in his anxieties, and an improvement in his wellbeing.

Tom is supported to engage in meaningful activity and make choices about his routine. His team use both verbal communication and a picture communication board to aid him in planning activities that he loves, including swimming and visits to the park.

Now that Tom is happier and his needs are being met, the team at Bedborough House focus on developing his daily living skills. He has recently become much more involved in making his own food, and are making full use of the kitchenette in his bedroom. He has also taken up other household tasks over the past couple of months, and he has recently been engaging much better than he had previously.

In addition, the team at Bedborough House have encouraged Tom to maintain the strong connections he has with his family. He enjoys regular visits from loved ones, who are consulted on his progress and next steps. Everyone is over the moon that Tom is in a better place now, and that he has the support he needs.

Tom has been on a journey at Bedborough House, and we have encountered some difficult situations. His team have embraced the difficulties and supported Tom to develop into the young man he is today.

Credit goes to my staff team; it is a testament to their resilience that we are now seeing a bubbly, humorous, settled Tom enjoying his life to the full at Bedborough House.

Hard work allows us to achieve great outcomes for the residents we support; no matter what difficulties we encounter, we get through it as a team.

Service manager Bedborough House


Tom's story

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