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Specialist addiction treatment and rehab centre in Surrey

Located in Woking, Surrey, Life Works is a world renowned treatment and rehabilitation centre, providing evidence-based, high quality treatment for a wide range of addictions. All treatment is individually tailored according to your unique requirements, and you are placed at the centre of your treatment and recovery journey, in order to produce bespoke and sustainable outcomes.

Our specialist addiction treatment team at Life Works are able to deliver expert treatment and therapy for a range of addictions such as alcohol and drug addictions, as well as a variety of behavioural addictions including gambling, love and sex, gaming, and internet addictions. We are also able to offer a comprehensive, medically assisted withdrawal detoxification process for your drug or alcohol addiction, if this is required. Our medically assisted process, which takes place in a controlled environment, is the safest and most effective way to detox.


Inpatient addiction treatment programme

We provide an evidence-based programme that is tailored to individual needs, all structured within NICE guidelines. Life Works’ comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programme is an intensive, residential process, during which you will be empowered to resolve any physical symptoms that you are experiencing as a result of your addiction, via our detox process, before commencing with rigorous addiction therapy and counselling in order to address the underlying triggers for your harmful addictive behaviours.

Addiction treatment at Life Works is underpinned by the widely-used 12-Step addiction treatment approach, which is an abstinence-based model that focuses upon your motivation to change your unhealthy habits, as well as incorporating elements of spirituality within the rehabilitation journey. The 12-Step approach was first introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and is used all over the world to successfully treat all forms of addictions and addictive behaviours.

“The skills, experience and empathy of the staff at Life Works, along with other residents having similar experiences and challenges, meant I could start my road to recovery.”

- Former patient at Life Works

Coping mechanisms to help you overcome your addiction

At Life Works, we understand that substance and behavioural addictions can have a profoundly negative impact on multiple areas of your life, as well as causing a whole host of long-term mental and physical health problems. However, it’s important to recognise that you don’t have to struggle with an addiction; exceptional, professional help & support is available. At Life Works, we ensure that each individual who seeks support with us benefits from a truly bespoke package of care, and we promote recovery by providing you with the tools and coping mechanisms to overcome your addiction, and take steps towards a positive future.

Free, no-obligation addictions assessment at Life Works

At Life Works, we understand that recognising that you are struggling with an addiction, and taking steps towards receiving support for this, can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why we aim to make this process as straightforward and as comfortable as possible by offering a free, no-obligation addictions assessment with one of our addiction rehab specialists. This provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Meet face to face with a member of our highly skilled addiction treatment team
  • Discuss your unique addiction and the challenges that you are facing
  • Begin to explore the background and potential causes for your addiction
  • Explore the impact that your addiction is having on your life and the lives of those who are closest to you
  • Talk through a proposed addiction treatment plan, which will be personalised to you
  • Ask any questions that you may have on Life Works’ Addiction Treatment Programme
  • Take a look around our beautiful hospital site and meet our specialist addiction treatment team

This initial assessment will be conducted discreetly and confidentially, and will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Ultimately, our free addiction assessment aims to put you mind at ease, and help you to develop a greater understanding of the journey that you will be taking towards the healthy, fulfilling and addiction-free life that you deserve.

To find out how we can support you to achieve a lasting recovery from your addiction, contact a member of our dedicated team today on 0800 840 3219. Alternatively, you can email us or click here to arrange your free addictions assessment.

Free addiction aftercare for 12 months

At Life Works, our specialists are dedicated to your ongoing recovery, which is why we provide free aftercare for 12 months, for each individual who stays with us for 28 days or longer. This enables us to support you as you transition back into your everyday life, and provide you with the necessary help to remain abstinent.

Crisis care at Priory

Priory’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that those in crisis can be signposted to the best possible support, as quickly as possible. The specialist teams at our residential facilities can help to stabilise those in need of immediate assistance, including providing access to medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for drug and alcohol addictions, where required.

Life Works website

For more information on the addiction services available, please visit our Life Works dedicated addiction website.

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