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A leading provider of eating disorder treatment in Woking

Set within a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian manor house in Woking, Surrey, Life Works is a renowned private rehabilitation centre, providing exceptional, evidence-based treatment for a wide range of eating disorders. We are able to deliver specialist treatment for the following eating disorders:

Without timely, professional treatment & therapy, eating disorders can result in a whole host of devastating physical and psychological problems. This can have a profoundly negative impact on your health, wellbeing and general quality of life. Seeking help can be daunting, but it is the most important step that you can take towards overcoming your eating disorder. Treatment can help to reduce your symptoms and take steps towards the healthy, happy and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Watch our video on eating disorder support during COVID-19

Watch our video about Life Works' eating disorder programme

Life Works’ market-leading inpatient eating disorder programme offers:

  • A comprehensive range of exposure work, practical dietetic interventions and therapeutic approaches all of which are specifically tailored to the needs of our eating disorder clients
  • A variety of treatment options, ranging from intensive residential treatment to day care and outpatient options, depending upon your unique requirements and the intensity of the support that you need
  • A highly qualified multidisciplinary team who are committed to ensuring that all treatment is individualised and bespoke in order to produce the best possible outcomes for each and every one of our clients

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