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About this location

Priory Lakeside View in Willenhall, West Midlands, supports 30 adults with acute mental health needs within a safe, therapeutic environment. We have two male wards in the main building, and a female ward in a separate building. From the point of admission into our acute services, we aim to support people to safely discharge back into the community, where they can continue to progress towards recovery in a less restrictive environment.

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30 beds, male and female, 18+

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Priory Lakeside View 1 Ivydene Way (Off Noose Lane) Willenhall West Midlands WV13 3AG (please input the following postcode if using a sat nav - WV13 3BB)

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Our acute services offer round-the-clock assistance in times of emergencies. Our specialist inpatient acute teams are committed to providing the highest quality of care, supporting patients with a wide range of mental health conditions in safe and highly therapeutic environments.

Ward break down

  • Finch Ward – 13-bedded acute ward for males
  • Robin Ward – 8-bedded acute ward for males
  • Swan Ward - 9-bedded standalone acute ward for females

Conditions treated

We are able to support people with:

  • Mental health needs
  • Behaviours that challenge
  • Self-harm

We can also support people who have a mild learning disability, alongside a primary mental health diagnosis.

We can help people who:

  • Need a period of stabilisation before commencing a rehabilitation programme
  • Need a safe, therapeutic environment to reduce risk and build the skills for independence
  • Need structured treatment with the right balance between therapeutic and social activities

We are able to support informal patients or those detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA), as well as people who are subject to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) restrictions or Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

Treatment approaches

At Lakeside View, we offer an individualised, person-centred approach to everyone staying with us. We provide individualised programmes that offer structured treatment, balanced with building life skills and preparation for adult education, work opportunities and, where appropriate, transition into adulthood.

Our aim at Priory Hospital Lakeside View is to:

  • Act as an extension to NHS care pathways during times of fluctuating capacity and flow
  • Allow more people to receive care and treatment closer to home
  • Provide continuity of care
  • Allow for minimal disruption to patients and their loved ones

Our assessment and treatment options are overseen by a full and diverse multidisciplinary team (MDT).

Dependent on the patient group and their needs, we offer:

  • Self-harm reduction
  • Relapse prevention
  • Self-esteem and confidence building
  • Motivation and self-management
  • Skills development for independent living
  • Physical healthcare
  • Occupational therapy (OT)
  • Cognitive stimulation therapy

Placement lengths can vary, depending on the needs of each person staying with us. However, stays do tend to be short-term, with the most common length of stay being between 2 to 6 weeks.

Our team

Our team consists of:

  • Medical team including psychiatrists, speciality doctors, registered medical officers and medical students
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational therapists (OT)
  • Activities co-ordinator
  • Support workers

Therapeutic and community-based activities

We offer a range of therapeutic and community-based activities as part of a full treatment programme. We want to support people to become more confident and independent, preparing them to move through their treatment pathway towards community living.

Our therapeutic and community-based activities include:

  • Cooking sessions
  • Baking group
  • Nature walks
  • Fitness
  • Life skills
  • Board games
  • Games on our games consoles

Our facilities and environment

We believe that the environment in which treatment takes place is just as important as the treatment itself, when it comes to supporting our patients. Each ward provides patients with excellent space and facilities.


We provide:


A purpose-built therapy suite
Large living spaces
Activity equipment such as games consoles
Rehabilitation kitchen
Bespoke family room with facilities to occupy young children
Therapeutic treatment areas
Laundry room


Our garden has secure fencing for the safety of the people staying with us.

Our bedrooms

All of our bedrooms are spacious, single-occupancy and have an en-suite shower room with a toilet.

Exclusion profile

  • People under the age of 18
  • People with significant mobility issues or those who need a wheelchair, due to limited turning space in bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms
  • People who need bariatric facilities or a hoist
  • People with a moderate to severe learning disability
  • People who need to go through a detox or medically assisted withdrawal
  • People who need nasogastric (NG) feeding
  • People with a history of arson within the last month
The following are not exclusion criteria, however, they need careful risk assessment and management plans:
  • People with high current risk of violence, aggression or absconsion
  • People who are likely to need seclusion as there is no psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) on-site


Priory’s network of high quality facilities enables us to offer joined-up care pathways with our dedicated residential services. We offer programmes which integrate healthcare treatment and therapy, which are tailored according to individual needs, in an appropriate setting. Our strength is that we can provide a seamless transition for the individual as they progress between higher and lower dependency services.

Contact us for help, referrals or more information

At Priory, we want to ensure we provide the very best service to each individual we support. Contact us for more information, or to make a referral.

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About the local area


As well as being set in the centre of an extensive nature reserve, offering an abundance of fauna and flora, Lakeside View is also located close to a number of other amenities, including:

  • Local park
  • Cinema
  • Shops and cafés
  • Library
  • College
  • Willenhall town centre
  • Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre
  • Bentley Bridge leisure park, which includes restaurants, bowling, cinema and shops

Transport links

It also has excellent transport links, including:

  • A local bus and train station
  • A 10-minute drive from the M6 motorway
  • A 10-minute drive from Wolverhampton train station

Comments from our patients and their family and friends

My son has been staying here for a week and I can’t believe how much better he is. He has been ill for a year and thanks to this hospital and staff, doctors and nurses, I have my son back! Thank you all so very much
family member of person supported by Lakeside View Priory Hospital Lakeside View

Information for family and friends

How do home visits work?

Home leave is encouraged as part of treatment and the step towards discharge. All leave is discussed in the MDT ward rounds, together with the person staying with us and their family. This is so that any concerns can be discussed and remedied. If the person is detained under the MHA, Section 17 leave is prescribed and all the conditions of leave are included within this. If the patient is informal, informal discussions and arrangements take place to ensure that everything goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to the person’s treatment as well as the regular family life of their loved ones. The hospital will liaise with the community team to ensure support during home leave is available for the people we support and their family.

What is your visitation policy?

We encourage visits but ask that they are arranged around meal times where possible. Visits can take place between 9am and 7pm, but we ask that they don’t happen at lunchtime (12.30pm to 1pm) or dinner time (4.30pm to 5.30pm). However, we understand that life can be tricky and we are willing to work with families to be flexible around visiting times.

Will I be involved and kept up to date with my loved one’s care and wellbeing?

As long as the person staying with us has consented to sharing information, we can provide family members and carers with feedback on their progress. They can ring the ward any time, day or night, and ask for feedback. They can also be involved in the MDT ward rounds. We appreciate families’ input and understand that it is them who know the patient best.

Will my loved one be able to have a phone or call me?

People staying with us can keep their mobile phones with them unless it is detrimental to their mental health. Any decision to remove a person’s mobile phone would be carefully discussed by the MDT and communicated to the family. It will be implemented for the shortest possible period of time with people’s safety and wellbeing in mind. We ask people staying with us that they only use video calls in their private spaces, to protect the confidentiality of others. For the same reason, we ask them not to use the camera on the wards.

What type of things are families expected to provide, and what is provided by the home?

The hospital provides all meals, including snacks. Please let us know if your loved one has any special requirements. Family members and carers are welcome to provide any additional snacks they might enjoy. The hospital also provides towels and bedding. We can supply basic toiletries at the beginning of the admission, however, families are expected to provide their loved ones with toiletries after this point.

What are the bedrooms like?

All of our bedrooms are spacious, single-occupancy and en-suite.

Are external doors kept locked?

The external doors to the hospital are locked outside of office hours. This is to ensure safety of everyone on-site.

What do service users eat and how do meal times work?

Mealtimes are protected at Lakeside View. This means that during lunch (12.30pm to 1pm) and dinner (4.30pm to 5.30pm), it might be difficult to transfer telephone calls and we discourage visiting at this time. The food menu is varied and contains meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

How does laundry work?

Swan Ward (our standalone female unit) has its own laundry facilities, which can be used at any time. In the laundry room, there is a washing machine, tumble drier as well as washing powder and fabric softener.

Robin and Finch Wards (our male wards) share the laundry room in the main building. There are time slots allocated to each ward and staff are happy to support our patients with washing and drying their clothes.

Is there anything they can’t bring or have?

We have a restricted and prohibited items list, which is reviewed and updated regularly. This can be seen on request.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed to visit within the hospital grounds. The owners have to take full responsibility for the pets’ behaviour and ensure they clean up after them.

How do activities work?

The hospital has an OT team, psychology team and activities co-ordinator. They provide the wards with an activities timetable and ensure that there is always something on offer. There are also many board games available on the wards as well as game consoles.

Do service users and families have an input into the service user’s care plans?

Upon arrival, everyone is allocated a mini team consisting of two nurses and two support workers. One of the nurses will take on a leading role, acting as a key nurse for the person staying with us. They will meet with them on a weekly basis to discuss their care and goals, and write the care plans with them. They will also speak to the families, if the person has provided consent, to gain their views, as they are the people who know the patient best.

What are the car parking facilities?

There is a car park on-site available for visitors. However, people staying with us would not be able

to keep their cars there. The car park is not secure and the hospital does not take responsibility for

the cars left there.

What is the smoking policy? Can service users buy cigarettes?

Lakeside View is a non-smoking site. There is no allocated smoking area on-site and the people staying with us need to be well enough to access unescorted leave to be able to smoke, as it is against our policy to escort them for smoking.

How is treatment accessed and funded?

We don’t take referrals directly from individuals and families. Instead, the first step will be for you to reach out to the person’s GP so that they can be referred and funded through the correct NHS channel. Depending on the type of support needed, this could include local authority funding, NHS funding, joint funding between the local authority and NHS, or direct payments. Please note, referrals for NHS or local authority funded services must come from a referring organisation.

How to make a referral

Our customer service centre provides 24/7 support for NHS mental health enquiries and referrals. Our customer referral co-ordinators can support you from your first call right through to the enquiry conclusion, providing updates throughout the process. We offer 24/7 crisis referrals, fast access to bed availability and placements, and a single access point for end-to-end enquiry management.

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