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Arthur House a new and innovative eating disorder service in London

Arthur House is an innovative eating disorder service based in Wimbledon, South West London. Providing an alternative to traditional hospital eating disorder treatment, this nine-bedded residential treatment centre provides cutting-edge therapies.

We can provide help for those stepping down from a more intensive hospital stay, or those looking to address eating disorder challenges which may not yet have reached a level requiring more intensive therapy. We are also able to provide a day care treatment programme for clients.

COVID-19: Customer update

We have now resumed face-to-face therapy for existing patients at Priory Arthur House as well as continuing to offer this remotely for new patients.   Remote therapy, along with consultant assessments, can be accessed via our Priory Connect online therapy service and through Skype.

Inpatient services are still available across our network of private healthcare hospitals, with flexible options for pre-admission assessments being offered.

Georgia's story

In this video, Georgia, a current patient at Arthur House, shares her positive experience of treatment and the life-saving support offered to her during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anna's story

In this video, Anna, a current patient at Arthur House, tells us about her journey from Life Works, our primary care service. She shares her positive experience of treatment and the life-saving support offered to her during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Building a healthy relationship with food

One of the key therapeutic goals is to provide a safe space for individuals to maintain a healthy relationship with food, including full nutritional and dietetic support.

The service consists of residential eating disorder treatment, appealing to both male and female adults over 18 with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder (BED), or mixed eating disorder symptoms. We have a team of experienced and talented staff who possess extensive expertise in working with eating disorder clients.

Eating Disorder Treatment in London at Arthur House

The programme helps people to increase their independence and empowers each client to take responsibility for their social and emotional lives, as well as their general health and wellbeing. Each individual will remain physically safe, whilst working towards their personal goals and good health, along with a focus on developing a meaningful life and sense of identity outside of their eating disorder.

A wide range of evidence-based eating disorder treatments are available at Arthur House and we offer discreet therapeutic treatment in a non-hospital setting, supporting the specific needs of recovery from eating disorders. Individuals who may benefit include:

  • Clients looking for a preventative approach to worsening relationships with food, aimed at avoiding any acute residential treatment
  • Those who are looking for extended support after an initial stage of residential treatment
  • Individuals who may not meet criteria for inpatient treatment through the NHS, however would benefit from residential treatment in a community based environment to support their goals, such as: weight stabilisation, physical monitoring, and psychiatric, therapeutic, nutritional and dietetic support
  • Those who are looking for ongoing support, including day care, to further enhance a return to everyday living
  • Individuals who may be considering a spell of residential treatment and are contemplating their needs

To be suitable for treatment at Arthur House, clients must be:

  • Willing to work towards regular and consistent meal planning
  • Developing some coping strategies in working towards reducing compensatory behaviours such as purging or bingeing
  • Capable of a good level of independence around food preparation portioning and eating

Treatment packages are fully flexible, meaning the programme can suit the individual needs of our clients. Length of stay will depend on the needs of the individual, but it is expected that clients will stay for a minimum of two months.

A unique eating disorder treatment pathway at Priory

Our eating disorder offering at Arthur House fits into a wider and more comprehensive eating disorder treatment pathway within Priory. We are able to offer support at every stage of the illness, including (if required):

  • Physical rehabilitation for the initial stages of treatment
  • Intensive residential treatment programmes
  • Community-based, reduced therapeutic, and more experiential treatment programmes, including day care

Arthur House fulfils the latter stage of the treatment pathway - something which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Whilst we are aware that there are many providers of day care facilities available, a vital aspect of eating disorders are the destructive or compensatory behaviours which often take place outside of the day care setting. At Arthur House, our clients will be supported both day and crucially, at night.

The Arthur House eating disorder treatment programme

Prior to commencing treatment, clients can benefit from a free, no obligation eating disorder assessment. This will take place with a member of our expert team and consists of a dietetic and therapeutic evaluation.

Psychotherapy will be delivered by our experienced team, providing a range of options based on full assessment and formulation. Therapies include dialectal behaviour therapy (DBT) themed groups and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) themed groups, which have been found to be hugely effective in driving change for eating disorder clients.

Therapy is provided through a mixture of group work and one-to-one sessions. One-to-one sessions will take place with a registered mental nurse (RMN) or therapist, and progress is constantly tracked against the individual’s treatment goals.

Clients can benefit from:

  • Expert eating disorder treatment, including psychiatric, therapeutic and dietetic input
  • A comprehensive, residential treatment programme. This usually lasts for 2 months, but can be flexible according to the needs of each individual
  • Tried and tested therapeutic approaches, including dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) themed groups, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) themed groups and practical exposure work
  • A range of therapy formats, including group work and 1:1 sessions
  • Support to make links with the local community and enjoyment of our beautiful surroundings
  • Ongoing support for family and loved ones as part of the treatment process
  • Treatment and support delivered by a dedicated, multidisciplinary team
  • Private bedrooms and welcoming living areas, providing the perfect setting for clients to relax and focus on their wellbeing

As well as comprehensive therapy, clients at Arthur House will also benefit from a range of practical exposure interventions, whereby they are gradually exposed to food-related activities and behaviours in order to reduce the anxiety that they experience during these situations. These may include:

  • Shopping for food based on the enjoyable nutritional values of food rather than fear of fat/calorie content
  • Building a nutritionally balanced recipe from scratch
  • Ordering food in a restaurant, allowing ‘forbidden’ foods to be normalised
  • Trying on clothes in a public changing room to challenge dysmorphic body image

The aim of this exposure work is to help clients to develop a range of coping mechanisms and reduce the chances of relapse.

Whilst our experienced team of clinicians and care staff maintain safety in relation to the associated risks of an eating disorder, we take advantage of our beautiful surroundings to support clients to make links with the local community, with a view to building a sense of identity and self-worth outside of that imposed on them by their eating disorder. This, in turn, can increase an individual’s motivation for change and lead to improved outcomes around physical and mental health.

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