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Priory Hospital Glasgow

Priory Hospital Glasgow is one of the UK’s leading centres for the treatment of a range of conditions including addictions, depression, anxiety and stress. Located in the leafy Southside area of Glasgow, the hospital is set behind two striking Georgian villas and offers patients a relaxed environment, to aid their recovery. Our aim is to offer fast access to high quality treatment and improve the lives of every individual who seeks support with us.

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Our patient-centred treatment programmes are based on the very latest thinking in mental health, and are delivered by expert psychologists, psychiatrists, and other highly qualified mental health professionals. Our multidisciplinary team are committed to delivering the finest mental health care available. We empower you to overcome your mental health challenges, improve your wellbeing and return to a positive and fulfilling way of life.

Excellent outcomes:
  • 99% of patients from the Glasgow Addiction Treatment Programme stated that they were treated with respect and dignity during their stay
  • 97% of patients from the Glasgow Addiction Treatment Programme stated that they would recommend us to a friend
  • 80% of patients at Glasgow experienced an improvement in their level of anxiety (with a statistically reliable average change score of 5.6) - GAD7
  • 83% of patients experienced at Glasgow an improvement in their level of depression (with a statistically reliable average change score of 6.2) - PHQ9

Unfortunately, if addictions or other mental health problems are left untreated, these conditions can become progressively worse and can have an increasingly detrimental impact on your wellbeing and quality of life. However, it’s important to understand that expert psychological treatment is available, and it’s crucial that you seek help in order to alleviate your symptoms and regain control of your life. At Priory Hospital Glasgow, we have successfully treated thousands of patients; you can take the first step towards recovery today, knowing that you are in the safest of hands.

“On arrival, staff were professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. The therapists make this place what it is. Whatever you go there for you are looked after from beginning until the end. I cannot give Priory any more praise, 5/5 stars just does not quantify the profound experience I had in my time there...Priory Group should be proud to have a jewel in its crown that Priory Hospital Glasgow definitely was my privilege and honour to stay there and have such outstanding treatment...Well done to you all.”

- Former client at Priory Hospital Glasgow

Quality and regulation

The services that we provide are continually monitored by our independent regulator, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), which is the healthcare body that is responsible for service regulation in Scotland. HIS inspectors check that independent healthcare services are complying with necessary standards and regulations, meaning that you can be assured that the treatment you receive at Priory Hospital Glasgow is of the highest standards.

You can view the report: download the full report.

If you do have the need to complain and have followed the Priory’s complaint’s process and are unhappy with the outcome, you still have the option to contact an independent organisation, including the national regulator Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Full details can be found in the Priory’s 'Making a Complaint' booklet, available upon request.

Crisis care at Priory

Priory’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that those in crisis can be signposted to the best possible support, as quickly as possible. The specialist teams at our residential facilities can help to stabilise those in need of immediate assistance, including providing access to medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for drug and alcohol addictions, where required. Call us today on: 0141 636 6116

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