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A high quality alcohol addiction rehab centre at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove, Kent

Located in Bromley, Kent and with excellent transport links to and from Central London, Priory Hospital Hayes Grove is a leading addiction rehabilitation hospital, delivering specialist treatment and therapy for a wide variety of addictions, including alcohol addiction.

Our comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programme is a 28-day, residential programme which has been specifically designed to enable you to address the physical side of your addiction, via a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification process for alcohol addiction, before empowering you to resolve the underlying causes for your addictive behaviours, and take steps towards a full and sustainable recovery. Alcohol addiction rehab at Hayes Grove is underpinned by the world-renowned 12-Step addiction treatment approach, which combines motivation, abstinence and spirituality within the addiction rehab journey.

Learn more about the recovery journey at Hayes Grove, and the therapy we provide for those suffering from alcohol addiction, by listening to Mo’s story here.

Without timely treatment, alcohol addiction can have a hugely detrimental impact on all areas of your life, and can even be fatal. However, it is important to recognise that established alcohol addiction treatment is available and the most crucial first step towards getting your life back on track is to seek the expert support that you need. Our exceptional treatment team at Hayes Grove are dedicated to providing evidence-based, bespoke alcohol addiction rehab, enabling you to improve your wellbeing and achieve the most positive post-rehab outcomes for you as an individual.

Residential Support Enquiries

If you think you may require residential treatment at Priory and would like to discuss your options, please call us and speak to our expert advisors.
Call: 0800 860 6267
Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form.

Free, no-obligation alcohol addiction assessment at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove

We understand that seeking help for your alcohol addiction can be one of the most difficult decisions that you ever have to make. As such, we are committed to making this process as simple and straightforward as possible, and offer a free, no-obligation addiction assessment prior to you commencing with expert addiction treatment at Hayes Grove. Our free assessment provides you with the opportunity to discuss your unique addiction and challenges with one of our addiction specialists, explore your proposed treatment plan which will be individually tailored according to your needs and requirements, and ask any questions that you might have on the alcohol rehab process.

To discuss alcohol addiction treatment options and find out how we can support you, please contact a member of our team on 0800 144 8969. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry or click here to arrange your free addictions assessment. You can also view our Addiction Treatment Programme brochure.

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Alcohol addiction rehab in Kent delivered by an exceptional team
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For details of how Priory can provide you with assistance regarding addiction treatment and rehabilitation, please call 0800 144 8969 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here

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