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World class mental health treatment at Priory Hospital Roehampton

As Priory’s first and most well-known hospital, our exceptional team of mental health consultants and therapists at Priory Hospital Roehampton are committed to providing the best possible care for your mental health concerns.

Our highly qualified experts have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and stress. We are committed to providing comprehensive and individually tailored treatment programmes, addressing the source and symptoms of your mental health problems, and enabling you to improve your wellbeing and regain control of your life.

All of our treatment programmes at Roehampton are developed in collaboration with our patients. By fully involving our patients in the treatment decision-making process, we ensure that we are able to deliver bespoke packages of care, resulting in the best possible outcomes for each and every individual who seeks mental health support with us.

To celebrate the opening of our extended private inpatient service, over the Summer period Priory Hospital Roehampton is offering a 10% discount for the entire stay of self-pay, private inpatient admissions that take place before 31st August 2019. Call us today on 0800 840 3219 to find out more. T&Cs apply

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Excellent outcomes:
  • 84% of patients at Roehampton experienced an improvement in their level of anxiety (with a statistically reliable average change score of 4.8) - GAD7
  • 81% of patients at Roehampton experienced an improvement in their level of depression (with a statistically reliable average change score of 5.1) - PHQ9
  • 98% of patients from the Roehampton acute mental health service stated that they felt safe during their stay
  • 97% of patients from the Roehampton acute mental health service stated that when they arrived, staff made them feel welcome

Unfortunately, without comprehensive care delivered by trained mental health specialists, your mental health problems are unlikely to go away on their own and can continue to have a destructive impact on your health, wellbeing and relationships with loved ones. However, it’s important to recognise that you’re not alone, and that mental health conditions are treatable. At Roehampton, our team are dedicated to providing clinically excellent care, empowering our patients to make a full and long-lasting recovery.

A world class treatment team at Priory Hospital Roehampton

Our world class mental health treatment team, many of whom are published experts, possess unrivalled clinical experience in the field of mental health. Each patient is assigned to the specialist that is best suited to their individual needs, and the treatment programme is designed in a collaborative way, resulting in the best possible post-treatment outcomes.

In addition, our team are also able to prescribe medication and offer medical intervention if this is required, ensuring that a full package of high quality care can be delivered.

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For details of how Priory can provide you with assistance regarding mental health and wellbeing, please call 0800 840 3219 or click here to submit an enquiry form. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here

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