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Specialist outpatient addiction treatment at Ticehurst House, Sussex

Located within a peaceful village in Sussex, and set within a picturesque 48 acres of land, Priory Hospital Ticehurst House is a well-known hospital, providing expert outpatient treatment and therapy for a wide range of addictions, including alcohol and drug addictions, as well as broader behavioural addictions such as gambling, love and sex, shopping, and internet addictions. Outpatient addiction therapy is suitable for individuals who do not have a severe addiction, and therefore, do not require intensive inpatient monitoring. More severe forms of addiction may need inpatient treatment.

We are still able to offer expert inpatient addiction treatment during this time and many of our addiction services, including our free addiction assessment, are now taking place online or over the phone. For more information on Priory’s approach to addiction treatment during the current COVID-19 outbreak, please access our dedicated page.

We provide an evidence-based programme that is tailored to individual needs, all structured within NICE guidelines. Outpatient addiction treatment at Ticehurst House takes place in our specialised outpatient facility, The Lodge Therapy Centre. Here, our highly skilled team are able to deliver expert therapeutic approaches designed to empower individuals to address the underlying triggers and causes for their addictive behaviours, and develop coping strategies to overcome their addiction. Our specialist team work across all sites to ensure continuity of your care, and we have close clinical links with Priory Hospital Hayes Grove in Kent, if more intensive inpatient addiction treatment is required.

Substance and behavioural addictions can have a destructive impact on your day to day behaviour, your relationships with loved ones, performance at work, as well as your general wellbeing and quality of life. However, it’s important to recognise that addictions are treatable, and the most crucial step towards tackling your addiction and regaining control of your life, is to seek professional help & support. Our dedicated team at Ticehurst House are committed to delivering person-centred care and placing you at the heart of your addiction therapy journey, in order to produce positive outcomes and a sustainable recovery.

What addictions are treated at Priory Hospital Ticehurst House?
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Outpatient addiction treatment delivered by an expert team
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What happens during outpatient addiction treatment at Priory Hospital Ticehurst House?
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Access to medically-assisted withdrawal detoxification
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